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G.V.Prakash’s medley mash: Polladhavan music review
Dhanush may not be the luckiest of actors in terms of movies but he has been the luckiest in terms of the music score in his movies. His movies always boast of a rich music score, and when he is paired with G.V.Prakash for the first time the expectation quadruple. And G.V.Prakash comes after completing his hat trick, as all of his three compositions Veyil, Oram po and Kreedom were big musical hits. But this album cannot just be boasted by G.V.Prakash alone as two songs have not been tuned by the young music director but by Yogi B and Dina.

So many thoughts go through our mind when we lay hands on the movie’s CD and let’s see whether this new combination impresses or not.

Minnal Koothadum

The opening of this song makes us take a quick peek at the credentials to see whether the music is scored by G.V or Harris as it does sound similar to Harris’ style. The use of simple instruments without overdoing it is something, which Harris has mastered over years but this three film old protégé has stepped on this and has come out with flying colors. The song is a slow and arousing number, which is sure to lure the music lovers. Bombay Jeyashree and Karthik’s vocal mesmerizes you even further. After continuous listening, the song is sure to become an anthem among the youth.

All set for a hit!

Neeye sollu

Middle Eastern music is slowly becoming the latest trend and all the music directors are starting to use this. The latest to join the bandwagon is G.V.Prakash. This song overall is just in the average league but G.V. gets brownie points for his innovative usage of instruments in the middle and the decision of choosing Benni and Sunitha Sarathy to be in front of the mike. On the whole a good attempt.

Definitely not bad
Padichu paathen

It is inevitable for Dhanush’s movies to have a kuthu song and this peppy song tuned by Dina is sure to lure the masses. The catchy lyrics and vocals by Shankar Mahadevan are the highlights of the song. Shankar Mahadevan enjoys his work and woos us all with his lively rendition. The masses will surely lap up this song and expect the song to be played over and over again in the music channels. Dina has proved once again what his specialty is.

All set for a hit!
Yengaeyum Yeppodhum

Remix of yet another yesteryear classic. S.P.Balasubramaniam who sung the old version comes back for this remix version along with the hot and famous Yogi B and Sunitha Sarathy. It’s Yogi B’s first attempt in remixing in films and he does not disappoint. The English lyrics alongside Kannadasan’s original work does have its takers but many will probably stick to the original, as the latest version is a little hard on one’s ears. Still the song will surely be a dance floor favorite.

Good genuine efforts.
Alibaba Thangam

This is the item song, which is also one of the main necessities of a Dhanush’s movie. This fast number has some interesting lyrics by Yugabarathy. Suchitra’s voice carries this peppy masala song with considerable ease but sometimes the music tends to venture into already known places. The song is sure to be a mass favorite and will probably make a few people dance in the theatres. Continuous hearing will propel the listeners to get addicted to the song even more, a winner for G.V.Prakash.

Will need multiple hearings to grow on you.

Overall, the music of Polladhavan is all what can be expected from a Dhanush’s movie. Dhanush’s fans surely won’t be disappointed and G.V.Prakash, along with Yogi B and Dina brings us an album, which has something for everybody. A good buy.

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