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Bharathiraja is back after his extended hibernation with his offbeat Bommalattam starring Arjun, Nana Patekar, and Kajal Agarwal in the lead. However, what catches one’s attention in this album is the undeniable Himesh Reshammiya. Blame him for his nostril flaring singing or the garish colored hats, Himesh has irrefutably crafted a sensation out of his music. This movie is all the more important for him down south, cause it will be considered a prelude to his much bigger project – Dasavatharam.

The album opens up with the customary foreword by Bharathiraja whose articulation is dynamic like it was during his days of ‘16 Vayadinile’. What follows however, is a few fries short of a Happy Meal.
Oh Nenjil Dola Doliya

The song starts on a promising note followed by Himesh’s usual high drumbeats and rhythmic orchestration. Easily the best song of the album, the anupallavi really impresses the listener. The song does have a huge flavor of North Indian music and one gets a feel of it becoming repetitive after a while. Overall, a hummable song with catchy music, interesting lyrics by Thenmozhidoss and superb rendition by Tippu and Anuradha Sriram.

All set for a hit!
Aaha Aaha Kannirendum

The song starts well with a slow vocal track sung with ravishing ease by Karthik fused with some peppy fast beats and a heavy ‘Aaha Aaha’ chorus as a back drop. Then when the vocal track too becomes faster with Shalini jumping in, one finds the charm to be lost. But the beats and the chorus remain the same through out with the number coming to an end in a hurry.

It will all depend on the visuals.
Va.. Va.. Thalaiva

Va.. Va.. has a middle-eastern feel to it. But as many musicians from Illayaraja to recent Yuvan Shankar Raja have come out with such songs, a sense of déjà vu can’t completely be denied. This song lacks the energy, which, one would think, is needed for such a number. Gayathri Iyer does try hard to make it sound better but the overall feel does not live up to the expectations. Joe Mallury has little scope as far as the lyrics go.

Nothing special.
Koyambedu Beansu

The beats are foot tapping, hippy and catchy. Vivega’s lyrics in sync with the situation of the song we suppose, is too low a grade, and less than even passable. Besides, the words (beensu, dansu, mamsu) used for the sake of rhyme, sounds strangely out of place. Though the ‘cine cine cine cinema cinema’ line does strike a chord. The song is lifted few notches by Madhangi’s hauling voice.

It will all depend on the visuals.
Check Check Checkda

Seems like Himesh just cannot resist coming up with loud and jarring songs. The ‘check check checkda’ line does sound irritatingly strident at times. That apart, Himesh manages to make the music interesting and the song grows on you after multiple hearings. Suchitra’s voice makes the song entertaining, and the English lines which crop up in the lyrics regularly is the surprise element, more so coming from a Barathiraja movie.

Will need multiple hearings to grow on you.
Overall, Bommalattam’s music, despite being a Bharathiraja movie and Himesh Reshmmiya’s music, is a let down save for two songs. Hope Himesh comes up with a better show for Dasavatharam.

Overall rating.
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