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Sivi - Music Review
When this album is picked, there is hardly any expectation. However there are times when one is taken by surprise and that too a pleasant one at that. Sivi is one such kind and the music is composed by Dharan who showcased his talent in his debut film Parijatham. Hence a good track record naturally increases the levels of expectations to a reasonable level. Let us analyze every song and see how the young music director proves his talent in his second sojourn.
Mayavi Neeya – Haricharan, Krish and Shruthi.

Beautiful humming at the beginning followed by enthralling rendition by Haricharan and Krish. The song is peppy and is different from the usual numbers. Dharan’s instrumental usage sometimes over powers the voices but the rhythmic beats slowly gets on to you after multiple hearing.

A chartbuster .
Neruppum – Ranjith and Sunitha Sarathy

Dharan starts with Arabic tunes for this peppy track which is sure to be played on a loop in many discotheques. A danceable number which is targeted at the youth and is sure to make them happy. The young musician has tried something unique but again the heavy usage of many instruments simultaneously does show his inexperience. All the same it is a very likeable number. Dharan makes himself noticed in the charanam stanza. The singers Ranjith and Sunitha Sarathy have done a very good job. Their youthful voice spices the song.

O Nenje – Benny, Shwetha, Dr. Burn and Dhara

Another fast and youthful track which starts with a rap number and ends with one as well. The song is done with so much care with a unique tune and will be lapped up by the audience. And Dr.Burn takes over at the end with their rap.

O Nenje – Remix - Benny, Shwetha, Dr. Burn and Dharan

Once again a racy number. Very trendy, starts with a fast beat and slowly turns mellifluous. Dharan has also rendered his voice along with others. Dr. Burn’s voice sounds very promising.

Sivi Music release
Rap theme

Its time for rap, the millions of Dr.Burn fans will be pleased that their star has joined hands with Dharan to give this enjoyable piece. Kudos to the music director!

Theme Music

The young music director comes up with an international standard music which brings out the eerie feel needed for this heart pounding horror film.

Overall Rating

The music clearly proves that Dharan’s last Parijatham was no flash in the pan. The young lad has a bright future and if he gets a good director his career is sure to soar higher. Overall a youth centric music which has all the elements to reach its target spot.

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