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The split: what went wrong in Nayan – Simbu affair?

The high profile love affair of Nayanthara and Simbu seems to have lasted only for a few months. In a press statement released yesterday, Nayanthara called off her association with Simbu and stated that she would not pair up with him in any future projects. Where did it start and where did it end? Read on to find out.

Nayantara & Simbu

Cupid struck when lips stuck

Their affair took off grand time following the controversial lip lock sequence during the photo session of Vallavan. Simbu seemed to have dragged her heart along with her lips. The hoardings as well their affair hit the headlines for quite a while and both kept mute on the matter. Nayan’s occasional visit to Simbu’s household and seeking blessings by touching the feet of Simbu’s dad during the shoots substantiated media’s claims that they were together.

Besides, the duo was spotted alongside each other, obviously smitten in love, in many film events. There were even rumors of Simbu wreaking havoc during one of Nayan’s shoots for a Telugu movie in Singapore. To substantiate the same, there was even official spotting of the couple canoodling in the famous Sentosa Island in Singapore.

Nayan, being the bold girl she is, did not deny the rumors but maintained that her friendship with Simbu is only platonic. But rumors and reports suggested otherwise.

Simbu & Nayantara
To top all the news, T. Rajendar declared that he would have no qualms to marry his son to someone he loved.
Simbu & Nayantara

Trouble brewed

Life was a smooth ride for the couple till the release of Vallavan. Seems like late night discotheques, partying, and private holidays are simply just not enough for the survival of a relationship. Nayan seemed to have thought so too. She is just back from Sivaji shooting in Pune and will be leaving soon to Hyderabad for the shoots of her Telugu movie. In the midst, she decided to set things right with the media on her association with Simbu.

It is true that I have parted ways with Simbu. I no longer have any association with him neither will I pair up with him in the future. I will concentrate on my career now on and there is nothing more to talk about my relationship with Simbu, Nayan said curtly.
So what went wrong?

Simbu is in San Franciso on a holiday these days. Guess where he is staying as a guest? In one of his fan’s house. He seemed to have lost in touch with Nayan. It was time for Nayan to take a decision when her calls went unreturned. Though this seems hardly the reason to end a relationship, obviously Nayan is frustrated.

There had been no response from Simbu’s side yet. It is expected that he may release a statement as soon as he is back from San Francisco in this regard.
Nayantara & Simbu
Bidding adieu

Short-lived relationships are synonymous for the Bollywood industry where relationships appear and vanish in a flicker. Nayan and Simbu seem to be setting trends for a new awakening in Tamil cinema. Not a healthy one though.
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