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Namitha the omnipotent and the omnipresent

The diary of Namitha may not be packed with call sheets for films but the media is never short of news about her. It may be as insignificant and trivial as Namitha brushing her teeth every morning to Namitha opening her eyes daily when she gets up. This condition of media can be termed as ‘Namitha sick’ or ‘Namitha possessed’.

Both the vernacular media as well as the English media is obsessed with this latest syndrome. She has become something like a permanent quotient or a constant who figures in the covers of the magazine or inside with some inconsequential news.

The entire media both the print and the visual should owe a thing or two to this voluptuous Gujarati beauty. Even the prestigious and the most popular newspaper ‘The Hindu’ also seems to be bitten by Namitha bug. In the past two months, there were articles in this daily about the weight loss programme of Namitha and its modalities.

Then, there was SS channel, which came out with ‘Anything for Namitha’ wherein many youth considered this to be of national importance and participated just to spend an evening with her.

Then the other day the media went berserk with the news about Namitha inaugurating a toilet facility in a fishing hamlet. To the media, it is immaterial if she inaugurates a diamond jewellery shop or a baby clothes shop. If it is Namitha, one exclusive column is allocated. Even a globally important issue can wait for a day. When there is nothing to write, then spice up the columns with Namitha. That is the rule of the day. As long as the circulation increases, no one cares.

Some time back, it was Simran the media was focusing all their attention on. Now Namitha can boast herself to have taken her position in this regard. She has become the bread, butter, jam or rather the idli sambar of Tamil Nadu. For now, this intelligent lady also seems to be going along with the tide, enjoying all the adulation that she is receiving and capitalizing as much as possible as the life span of an actress in the tinsel town is very brief. Let us see how long this continues. Till then, it is Namitha, Namitha all the way….
Source : sambharmafia.blogspot.com
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