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Will director Perarasu strike a chord with Captain’s Dharmapuri?


Director Perarasu is one happy man and he has all the reasons to feel so. With his latest film Tirupathi completing 100 days and another film ‘Dharmapuri’ committed with captain, the director is understandably on cloud nine. He was spotted recently in a marriage hall signing autographs with a very different and interesting saying ‘You are my country’.

He is touched by the adulation he receives and is on a trip of thanksgiving to his fans. He dedicates his current standing in the industry to them and says, “Fan clubs have existed till date only for people in front of the camera.

If I am right, my fan clubs are one of its kinds for a director”. The southern districts of Tribhuvanam, Naatarasan Kottai and Sivagangai are dotted with his fan clubs. He is a proud and happy man.

On Vijayakanth’s Dharmapuri
Producer A M Rathnam expressed his desire of Perarasu directing a film for him. Incidentally it was Rathnam who suggested Vijayakanth’s name for the film. When Rathnam and captain heard the ‘one liner’ of the movie, they both liked it instantly and thus ‘Dharmapuri’ was born without even a heroine.


This time ‘father setiment’
Opening the first shot of a film with a temple tower is Perarasu’s favorite sentiment. He is also fond of having the names of towns or cities as film titles. In this case, he wanted the title to reflect on a quality of captain also. So he chose ‘Dharmapuri’ when interpreted differently indicates someone who is munificent or doing a lot of Dharma.

Since ‘Run’ had an opening shot with Srirangam temple and the film was a run away success, shooting commenced there. Secondly, it is easier to manage crowd in that spot.

These are the only two reasons and there is absolutely no sentiment factor from the captain’s side. Tirupachi and Sivakasi was dripping with sister sentiment while ‘free for delivery’ was the theme in Tirupathi but Dharmapuri revolves around ‘father sentiment’.

In the present scenario, corrupt life style may not bring misery but it is an uphill task for an honest man. This is the main plot of the film, which deals in detail of one such simple and straightforward person and the trials and tribulations he faces in life. Of course, comedy and emotion are mixed in right proportion and lead the film. Hero belongs to middle class family who ekes out a living by lending chairs, vessels to marriage hall. At this juncture Perarasu was a bit apprehensive about captain doing this kind of a role but he agreed instantly. “The story line is the deciding factor for Captain”, he says. Of course, there are punch dialogues for Vijayakanth but it is not politically motivated and not aimed at anybody.


Lakshmi Roy is the heroine who was booked only after two months of commencement of the shooting. She comes as a village belle who is Vijayakanth’s cousin and love interest.

Music and lyrics
As usual Perarasu has penned all the lyrics and has even exercised his vocal chord .For him, this is his maiden venture in the singing segment. Srikanth Deva who is the music composer for this film motivated Perarasu to sing as he had heard him render a few numbers while writing lyrics.

Target audience
He is very clear and has no qualms when he says his films are aimed at the B and C audience and for women. His movies generally evoke a good response from women and he would surely not disappoint them.

Perarasu is in awe of captain who despite his busy schedule of shuttling between too many activities like visiting his constituency, assembly and functions, cooperated fully in completing the shoot. Most of the film is wrapped up in Srirangam, Chennai and Karaikudi.

Perarasu is also impressed with the way shooting has been progressing and it would be a sure release for Diwali. The surprise element would be Perarasu acting in a cameo in this movie too. He signs off saying that he would spare the audience by not acting as hero.
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