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Captain’s politics and pity producer
Vijayakanth & Ramachandran

Captain is looking to climb the ladder of political leadership pretty fast and he sure knows how to do it. He is always on his guard, looking out for opportunities to garner support from all quarters. The captain uses even the locations in which his movies are being shot very cleverly. The sets of Dharmapuri witnessed such an incident a few days back.

A song sequence for the movie was being shot at a village called Sarukani near Devakkottai.

Captain, being hugely popular in the more interior parts of Tamil Nadu attracted a huge crowd. Almost all the villagers had gathered to witness the shooting. It might have passed off as just another day, but come lunchtime and Captain felt that it was time to uplift his political image.

He was served his lunch, without batting an eyelid Captain demanded that the same food be served to all the villagers who had come to see the shooting.


The villagers would have been undoubtedly very happy and the DMDK would have added a few 100 votes to its kitty. Everyone gained from the Captains gesture except the producer of Dharmapuri who paid through his pocket to entertain the onlookers. He was quite justifiably very unhappy but did not want to antagonize Captain who could be the future CM.

While giving villagers the same treatment as anyone else is commendable, but then Captain had his lunch in the comfortable environment of his AC caravan while the villagers were left to suffer in the sun.

The producer must thank his stars that Captain did not notice this ‘inequality’. The results of Captain’s intelligent can soon be seen in the corporation polls.
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