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Security tightened for Dasavatharam, slackened for Sivaji
Two high profile films are simultaneously being made. One can already sense the competition in the air. Each one wants to get the better of the other. Sivaji and Dasavatharam are getting ready for ‘an April 14’ release. Both the teams want their films to be explosive hits at the box office. A sure shot way of getting people interested in a movie is to build expectations and hype around it by letting out as little as possible about the movie. This is certain to generate curiosity.

Dasavatharam has been progressing under tight security cover with no permission to outsiders including press personnel. Kamal is supposedly very particular about this issue. This is after the experience of the news about the ‘George Bush get up’ being leaked out. Extreme measures are being taken. That explains the reason for scanty news about the movie.

Sivaji too has been progressing along the same lines. To date, the security around the movie has been unprecedented. Identity cards were issued to all unit members and no one without this card was allowed onto the sets.

Including Shreya’s boyfriend, people returned from the sets not having seen the stars. The storylines of both the movies were very much protected. But now, things have changed. It seems that Shankar has got tired of the security arrangements and has decided to do away with them. This also might have been due to pressure from the fans of Rajni who want to see their idol in action. This has resulted in public walking in and watching the proceedings.

It has been the opposite at Dasavatharam. As the shooting enters the next phase where the story takes effect, the security levels have gone up.


Unit members have been instructed not to bring cameras or camera phones to the shooting spot. This is to prevent any pictures of Kamal in his unique costumes from being taken. Mallika Sherawat who is allegedly doing a pivotal role in the film was in Chennai and the scenes involving her and Kamal are being shot at a feverish pitch near Chengelpet bridge. Actor Akash was seen chasing Asin and Mallika. A double for Asin was used as she is shooting for Pokkiri. A huge crowd had assembled to watch Mallika and Kamal and they were managed well with private bodyguards. The latest buzz is that the title of this film may be changed and Dasavatharam would pave way for a chaste Tamil title from the holy books. .

The changes in security for both the movies have been conflicting. But looks like Sivaji will have to revert to their original means of tight security. This is because an open shooting is sure to attract a huge crowd and controlling the same would be a task by itself. Shankar is likely to revert to the old security systems. After all ‘prevention is better than cure’. Recently a scene was shot at the Binny Mills in Chennai and the crowd that had gathered to witness this is reportedly worth its place in history (largest crowd to see one man).

Rajni however reacted positively to all the fans who had come to see him, posing for photographs with his fans, sharing jokes with them etc… But if this continues we will soon see AV M introduce the Dasavatharam model of security for Sivaji.
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