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6 hours of make up: Kamal pushing the limits for Dasavatharam
When he sets out to do something he sees to it that it does not fall short of perfection. That is what made ‘just’ Kamal Hassan into Padmasree Dr. Kalaignaani Kamal Hassan, the Universal Hero.

The attention that he pays to things that may appear trivial to others sets him apart from the crowd. The most amazing thing is that he has been doing this for almost all his life. Even now, he is no different. Fame and titles have not dimmed his commitment towards the art of filmmaking. Dasavatharam is under production and the little bits of news that manage to find their way past the tight cordon amaze us. What if all the news was available?

The latest from the sets of the movie is that Kamal is currently doing the Iyengar get up part. The make up for this get up is elaborate. Elaborate is a word that is inadequate to capture the scale of the process.

It is said that the make up for this get up takes nothing less than 3 hours. Yes, a solid 180 minutes and Kamal has to sit through all this without moving much, without talking. When was the last time such a ting happened, even Avvai Shanmughi did not demand such preparation. If this is not enough to amaze you then there is more. It takes another 3 hours to undo the entire make up and Kamal has to sit through this too. So a total of 6 hours on make up only. Add to this the time for shooting, he would be working for more than 15 hours a day. It may appear quite ordinary for people working in software firms, but the work done here is of a different kind.


If you thought that the make up story starts and ends with Kamal, then you are mistaken. Napoleon, who plays the King in the iyengar part of the movie, needs around 4 hours for his entire make up process. Not to mention others in this part of the movie. The total time required for make up may be mind-boggling.

Another interesting news that has come through is that through the 3 hours of make up and the three hours of undoing the make up, it is Gauthami who sits with Kamal and takes care of all his requirements.

They have worked together in many films and have always shared a good camaraderie; maybe they get along well even now. For now there is not much else to read into this.
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