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What connects Maddy, Reema Sen, Vishal, and Meera Jasmine?
This may sound weird, but these stars do seem to have a connection. But that is mainly in the case of Reema and Meera. We have reasons if you do not believe us. The number of hit movies to their credit explicitly reveals the connection. Here is how it is.


She is a multi lingual star who has her presence in Hindi and Telugu apart from Tamil. Her credits in Hindi are negligible and she is a guest star to the Bollywood industry. For reasons unknown, she lost her concentration and probably interest in Telugu. She is now only existent in Tamil and if one looks back at her hit history, it is either with Vishal or Madhavan only.

Her debut Minnale was a huge hit with Madhavan in the lead. The other hit movies to Reema’s credit include Thimiru and Chellame, which eventually was with Vishal. Her other movies like Bhagavadi with Vijay, Giri with Arjun, and Vallavan with Simbu did not score well. However she did pull of a hit with Vikram where she played a sidekick for him in Dool.

Meera Jasmine
The easy looking girl is popular in Malayalam – where she hailed from – and Telugu apart from the Tamil scene.

Meera jasmine
She has won numerous awards endorsing her acting prowess and to top all that she even received the national award. Whilst she had hits in Malayalam and Telugu, her hits in Tamil seem to be limited to a certain extent.

To cut it short, her movies only with Vishal and Maddy scored at the box office. Her debut with Madhavan in Run smashed the box office records and Sandakozhi with Vishal did a good run. Sadly enough, she did not score with any of her other movies. Her other movies like Jana with Ajith, Pudiya Geethai with Vijay, Kasturi Maan, and Mercury Pookkal flopped miserably at the box office.

Though the pretty ladies can’t be blamed for the miserable performance of their movies at the box office, the superstitious Kollywood has more than a thing or two to concur from this analysis that the girls will be successful only if they play opposite Maddy and Vishal.

Only if their upcoming projects break those myths by running successfully at the box office can the ladies sustain with other heroes in Kollywood. Will luck favor them?
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