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Ajith-Bala tussle: Financiers under trouble! One attacked by a mob and the other to face police action?
Much like He-who-shall-not-be-named from the Harry Potter series, we have a financier in the Tamil film industry who commands respects, calls the shots, and literally has the industry shivering when they just hear his name.
Well, considering the fact that he is the sole financier for a majority of Tamil films produced, it hardly comes as a surprise. In fact, even in the recent Ajith – Bala fracas, his name was the central figure, as there were complaints that he was the one who threatened Ajith. Dailies and magazines have started to write about his atrocities in the industry, subtly though, and it is said that since the government has changed hands, the financier might be in serious risk of facing police action.
High vigilance is being observed by the police, as they wait and watch, hoping for one small slip, to catch the financier red-handed. Sadly, there is no one to bell the cat, and rumour has it that many top producers, actors and directors have lost their wealth and sometimes even their lives too, courtesy this dreaded figure in the industry. Recent reports state that a leading producer has finally lodged a complaint against him, under the protection and surety of the police of course. Looks like it might not be long before He-who-shall-not-be-named will be behind bars.
Meanwhile another financier Sanjay, who is said to be have been a part of the Ajith – Bala episode that took place in the hotel, was attacked by a mob last night. Ajith fans, who are furious over the episode, participated in several demonstrations all over the state and also pasted posters condemning Bala. There were plans even to hold demonstrations outside Bala's residence, but Ajith intervened and requested his fans to maintain patience, assuring them that he would handle the situation.
Here is a detailed report on the sequence of events – Sanjay is also a film financier and he is said to have been there when the Ajith –Bala tussle took place in the hotel. Sanjay is also said to have threatened the actor. Last night, Sanjay, accompanied with his wife, drove into his new home at New Avadi Road, Kilpauk. They got out of their car, and moved towards the house, when two strangers neared him, pretending to be enquiring about an address. Suddenly, a Toyota Qualis arrived on the scene, halting suddenly with screeching brakes.
Ten people jumped out of the car and in seconds, they fiercely attacked Sanjay and his wife. The couple had to finally escape in their car!

Sanjay immediately launched a complaint about the incident in the G3 Kilpauk Police station. Joint Commissioner Seema Agarwal, Assistant Commissioner Ganesa Moorthy and Deputy Commisioner Rangarajan are enquiring into this matter and the police are seriously on the lookout for this mob.
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