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Top heroine yesterday, midnight masala queen today…
It’s not uncommon to see old, decrepit theatres in the down market area of the city to show seedy type of movies, usually imported from our neighbouring states. And mostly the lead actress would also be the one known for her specialization for a particular type of role.

Now there is a new trend of dubbed versions of Hindi, Telugu and Kannada movies hitting the theatres.
There is nothing new to films with a lot of prurient content like ‘C U at 9’, ‘Monalisa’, ‘Southen’, etc doing well and being lapped by a hungry Tamil audiences. What is new is that all these films have actresses who, at some point of time in their career, had been a favourite among their fans for their clean and nice image.

Take Kiran, for example. Her debut movie was ‘Gemini’, opposite Vikram, and the banner was AVM. The movie was a big hit and her next big ticket to fame was ‘Anbe Sivam’, a film with top heroes, Madhavan and Kamal Hassan.
Isha Koppikar
But where is Kiran now? She is acting in soft-porns like ‘Souten’ (‘The other woman’) whose film posters show more of her bare backside than her face. People say her topless scene in the movie can give a complex or two even to established Malayalam actresses of that genre.

Malavika, the girl who gave hope to millions of guys like you and me by declaring that ‘Karupputhan enakku pidicha kalaru’ was missing in action for some time and even when she appeared, it was only for a brief while, doing some harmless item songs.
She is back now and how! The posters of her ‘C U at 9’ playing at theatres, display prominently what is in store for the film viewers. And her costumes leave nothing to the imagination.

The latest release doing the rounds and raising the hackles everyone is ‘Monalisa’, a Kannada film of Sada, who used to say ‘Poyya po’ to producers whenever they used to ask her to be a little more glamorous. She is said to have been very comfortable in shedding a few clothes in the movie.
Suman Ranganathan, Isha Koppikar Kiran, Malavika, Sada, …the list is growing. Actresses these days, would rather do any film that comes their way than sit at home watching the latest entrants from Malabar stealing thunder under their very shapely noses. The objectives are clear, the heroines of yesterday are prepared to do any film and at any cost and are least bothered about their image or their fan following.
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