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Stars and their autograph lines for you!!
Ajith Simbu & Vivek
Have you ever asked for autograph from your favourite celebrity? What did they write? For most of them, time is a constraint and the number of people who wait for autographs are endless. To wrap the crowd up, the celebrities just write with love if they have patience; if they have no patience they drive you away.

In India, people whose autographs are sought in large numbers belong to the group of cricket stars or cinema stars.
And what do your favourite heroes write in your autograph books?

As said earlier, if they are not in mood or they are short of time, they just scribble their name. I wonder if that is how they signs their cheque leaves. When they have time and are in mood to write, they do take time to scribble some message. Kaadhal Sandhya writes with love and love only. Now that is really loving indeed!
Aparna writes all the best. Sometimes she scribbles in Tamil: Endrum Ungal Abimaana Aparna. Renuka Menon, it looks, is a great believer in God or is at loss of ideas. For whenever she gives her autograph, she writes God Bless You.

Pa Vijayan signs with Anbu Pa Vijay. Sometimes he writes a verse from the Kural. Music director Bharadwaj signs with Priyamudan. Director A K Murugadoss scribbles Be friends with all. Vijay ends with a simple Best Wishes while his father goes in Tamil saying Neengaadha Ninaivugaludan.
Director Saran who gave you the Idayath Thirudan is different. His quotation reads Ninaipadhellaam Nadakattum. (Let all your desires come true.) Vikram has a couple of ready made phrases: Do one’s best! Do one’s duty! Or simply do wonders! He is one hero who doesn’t hesitate to give his autograph.

Ajith’s lines reflect his personality. His words for his fans and autograph hunters are Love your work.
Finally, you know what superstar writes in his autograph? In his usual style he scribbles “God be with us”.

The heroines, whatever they may write in your book, always, invariably, conclude with with love. Now, that is something revealing. Are they softer than the heroes?
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