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Interview Team : D Meera Chithirappaavai; Arjun; Jyothsna; Venkat; L Karthik

If somebody inquires me if I could be inspired by a person with just a quick chat session with them, my answer would be a big YES because that is what actress Parvathy has done to me. This free spirited, inhibition-less, intelligent women re-emphasizes that the combination of beauty and brains is possible. Catch this interview where Parvathi talks about her fears, principles and understanding of this glamour industry and more.

Why being so choosy about your projects? Is it an outcome of some kind of a fear?

I do have a fear of mediocrity. One can get very comfortable doing the regular stuff. By comfortable I mean being a person what people expect you to be and I do not want to be that way. My biggest fear is of being mediocre and not achieving anything in life. 
For me success is not the number of hits I give or how popular I am. Perhaps, the whole point of being an actor is not to sell yourself but your role. So that is why I am very choosy and I feel everyone should be choosy. Though we do this for our living, I am slightly more arrogant with my deal with the nature. When disclaimers like ”You are an actress! You have a shelf life!” keeps ringing, I just don’t oblige to such restrictions. Even as a kid I was this way and it continues even now. 
I have nightmares about being any regular heroine who does not have any creative thirst to quench! 

Ageing is inevitable. But you don’t seem to be in any urge while making films like many of your contemporaries. Please explain.

Heroines do that because there are very less writers who write proper stories; they are not at fault. You know why female actors (I do not want to say actress) get sidelined to play mothers after 40 or hardly spotted on screen? It is because there are very few writers who write human stories. They only write stories about men and their exploits. 

Don’t you feel that commercial films will increase your lifespan in the industry because many heroines seem to work with this strategy?

No, I don’t think so. I have not done the so called commercial films and it's been 10 years since I came into the industry and I'm still here! So I am an example. 

In Bangalore Naatkal, you play the same role, but a different director has guided you this time. Are we up for some change in ‘Sarah’?

I think very subtle changes have cropped in. The way Bhaskar captured Sarah’s emotions in crucial moments, the long hair part and the clothes that she wears are the only slight changes you will spot in Bangalore Naatkal. 

Do you feel that there are differences between the Malayalam industry and Tamil industry in terms of the importance given to heroine’s screen presence? 

I really don’t know. I think that Malayalam is slightly better in that perspective. Screen value is way more important than screen time. It is not that I am being arrogant. I played Manonmani in Uttama Villain where I had to appear in three scenes in total. But she is still important in the story. We keep using the phrase “actress’ importance in a film”. No! That’s not right. No point talking about an actress' importance in a film. It’s all about the characters' importance. If I am playing Sarah in Bangalore Naatkal, Sarah can only play that small part because the story is about three cousins and it won't make sense for Sarah to steal all the attention. Thus, a performer should realise that he/she is a team player and understand their own role with clarity.

Characters like these which were penned by Kamal Ji and Anjali Menon are rarities. 


No point talking about an actress' importance in a film. It’s all about the characters' importance.

You seem to have strong opinions on everything. What is the source for such thoughts? Reading or films?


It is because of over thinking mind - not possible to be idle. I like knowing everything. Information is just junk, whereas knowledge is important. 
Charlie’s Tessa lives a life that many girls dream of. But do you think it is practically possible to be Tessa? Can somebody be that free spirited? 
You have  no idea what kind of a person I am and how free spirited I am, it is all about perception. I have also met a lot of girls who almost shock me with the way they free themselves from all the external, unimportant factors of life. Those are the real happy souls. 

Time for some knowledge transfer! Give out life advices to the following people. 

Dulquer Salmaan
Stop being so nice! (Sarcasm it is)
I can't advise that guy, he knows everything. He is like an encyclopedia. 
Must reduce pulling legs.
Should speak more.
Bobby Simha
He should stop saying how much he likes my acting and that embarrasses me. 
Sri Divya
She has her stuff figured out so she looks fine. No advice required. 





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