One fine morning luck met me in the form of a chat with Rana. Not even in my wildest dreams have I thought of a conversation with Mr.Handsome.

“When are you getting married?”


“ ‘A’ Why???????? considering the female fans, I thought you would understand”

“I am …..” (His trademark killer laugh follows)

Ohh! I try and I try not to get bowled over, Did I or Did I not? Read on to know more!



“I wonder about your transition from a VFX artist to the most sought after actor”

“It’s a good thing know? I am happy that I am doing different things in movies and I am looking forward to widening my horizons. No wonders here.”

“I hope you don’t miss them”

“Well. When you do movies like Baahubali, you don’t miss that part because it was discussed too much. I keep myself updated and informed. It’s an industry to learn newer things.”

“A lot of cameos going through your filmography”

“I am comfortable doing them is one thing but I love to do good things for my friends and that makes all these cameo roles special.”



“You are a 6 feet 3 inches guy, If I am not wrong”

“Yeah, you are not.”

“But Is it a big problem?”

“Not at all (He stresses it thrice). That’s the biggest blessing I have ever got in my life”.



“Bangalore Naatkal would have been a wonderful journey so let’s talk about that”

“Absolutely. See, the first time I saw the film in Malayalam, I was quite moved by the way it was made and I liked it so much. But it took a long time for me to materialise before PVP and Bhaskar called me to say that they are doing this film in Tamil and wanted me to do Fahad’s role. That was my most favorite role in the entire film. A character I wanted to play if were a part of it. I think sometimes when you really want to play a character, it just falls in your hands.”

“Bangalore Days is a soulful film, Bangalore Naatkal is…?”

“Bangalore Naatkal is a soulful film too. Bhaskar’s earlier films like Bommarillu and Orange are all heartwarming and soulful films. Anytime you watch it is fresh and vibrant. You will get the same feeling when you see Bangalore Naatkal but the way he has narrated the film is completely different compared to the original one. It’s more vibrant, it’s full and full of energy and the trailer itself reflects that”.

“That’s interesting! But isn’t multi-starrer a much needed topic to discuss?”

“Sure not. I never understood the concept of a multi-starrer or solo-starrer because ultimately if the story demands just one person then it’s just one person for me, likewise, if eight people are required then eight are on the board. So Bangalore Naatkal is one such story where you need 3 couples narrating the story. There is a story around Arya, Bobby and me which makes Bangalore Naatkal complete. The combination of actors is what worked in Malayalam, with Fahad, Dulquer and Nivin bringing the characters live on screen. We need people with the same mindset to come out here and do those kind of movies. It’s always amazing to work with other contemporaries as there is a give and take, which makes you go ahead with a scene in a varied perspective..”

“You play two dimensions in this movie, Which is more of you?”

“I think it’s a bit of both. Take Shiva as a character itself, each person would have crossed what Shiva had in his life. Things that have happened in our past that have made us who we are today. There may be certain instances or loss of a person, loss of a lover, loss of an option, loss of an opportunity and it’s all of those that ultimately define you as a person. That’s what I liked the most about the way both the characters were structured.”



“Baahubali - The Conclusion”

“Can I tell anything about it?”

“Do you need a particular question to answer?”

(He answers almost interrupting immediately) “One thing I can tell you is, Baahubali - The Conclusion will make Baahubali - The Beginning look like a small film.”

“That’s precise. Anything more to it!”

“There will be visuals, grandeur, action, drama …(laughs)”

“Oh really!” (smirk)

“Wait and Watch”

“One of the most majestic scene to talk about in Baahubali - The Beginning is Bull fight and now a ban for Jallikattu. Something to share about it!”

“See, it’s a tradition for people that is going on at its best which must be respected and allowed!”



“Ajith and Anushka. I am not gonna talk more, you do the talking and I know you would love to!”

“Certainly. I have worked with Ajith sir in Arambam and obviously in Baahubali & Rudhramadevi with Anushka. Both these film personalities are unlike anybody else I have ever seen. See I have worked in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. But I have never met those kind of human beings in my life. They are so nice that they make you feel that you are the bad person in the industry. One thing is their hospitality, another one is the way they speak to the co-stars and the support staff. Obviously they are the nicest person on earth to me”.

“Everybody has a favourite Director!’

“Mr.Ram Gopal Varma and Mr. Mani Ratnam are directors I have grown up watching and from whom I have learnt some cinema. Both are the finest filmmakers who have re-defined Indian cinema”

“Let me put across some celebrity names and let’s see what comes to your mind first.”



“Bobby Simha”

“Sleepless nights of him working 24 hours across the clock and that man should go to sleep sometime.”

“Sri Divya”

“Extremely professional”


“Nicest person”


“Niceness to another level” (Laughs)


“For me?”

“Yes for you!”

“Expert in Hobbying”


“First word that comes to my mind is Darling. My most favourite co-star”



“Being a fat guy to the most desirable man in the industry!”

(He gives a flattering smile. Just wow! Mission accomplished) “When I was into VFX, it didn’t matter how I looked. I never used to work out, I used to have whatever I wish to have, everything was off-timing. Once I decided to become an actor, I started all the fitness activities, dieting and the things which an actor needs. That’s the making of the most desirable man now!”



“We all know you as a celebrity but as a person in real life…”

“Rana in real life…! that I will have to know. If I discover myself, I will let you know!”(Laughs loud)

“Many draw a line between personal and professional life”

“I totally get what you are about to ask me. See, both are important when you are into films. Cinema is a medium where if I am not shooting, I would either watch a movie that keeps me happy or meet new directors everyday!”




“When are you getting married?”


“ ‘A’ Why???????? Considering the female fans, I thought you would understand”

“I am too young Tamil” (His trademark killer laugh follows....)

Need I say more? Was I bowled over? Oh I definitely was. definitely am, infact.

Thank you Rana!