Maryan Movie Review by Common Man

Maryan Movie Review by Common Man

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Maryan is a Tamil word and most of us don’t know the meaning of it. It means Immortality (A man who never dies). A.R.R , Dhanush & Bharathbala combo is much more than sufficient to get excellent opening for this movie. Almost, the whole Nation is appreciating our Dhanush for his wonderful performance and A.R.R for mesmerizing Music for the Hindi movie “Raanjhaana”. Now, it is our opportunity to see their combo for the first time in Tamil Cinema. Let us see whether Maryan will satisfy the COMMON MAN in this Review.
Story: It is based on a real-life crisis incident; three oil workers from India were kidnapped and taken hostage by terrorist group few years back. The film is an emotional journey of Dhanush who tries to escape from the terrorist gang and meet his girl friend Parvathi. In short, story is quite similar to Roja without engaging screenplay & Dhanush’s Pudhukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan with great technical crew.
Dhanush – National Award Winning actor proved that he deserves the Award to Bollywood people with his last movie “Raanjhaana”. His last Tamil movie “Moonu” was released almost 16 months before and his fans were expecting this movie with lots of anticipation for long time. Wait is finally over and they are treated with fantabulous acting by their Favourite hero. He has proved that he is THE BEST ACTOR in the present generation.
But, the screenplay of the movie lets him down yet again. Dhanush’s last three movies (Maryan, Mayakkam Enna & 3) gave him great opportunity to show his acting skills, but unfortunately it didn’t do well at the Box office. It would be better if Dhanush selects scripts such as “Yaaradi Nee Mohini”, “Polladhavan”, etc in future.
Parvathi Menon – She made her debut in the movie “Poo” and captured the heart of the audiences with wonderful acting. She did a cameo role in the movie “Chennayil Oru Naal”. Everyone knows that she is one of the female actresses who can act well and she has lived the role of a village girl.
Saleem Kumar is a famous Malayalam Comedy Actor who had won National Award. He is completely wasted in the movie along with Uma Riyaz. Appukutty & Jagan have done good job, but doesn’t have much screen presence.
Music is by A.R.R – Already “Kadal Raasa” sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja & “Nenjae Ezhu” sung by A.R.R are set as Mobile Ringtones. Innum Konjam Neram song is picuturized well. BGM of this movie was too good, but placement of the songs and very slow screenplay spoils it. Kadal Raasa Song placement in the movie was unjustifiable.
Cinematography is done by French person named Marc Koninckx. He had done various French movies such as “Stealing Beauty”, “Queen Margot” etc. Cinematography is the major highlight of this movie. Each & every scene along with A.R.R’s BGM & Dhanush’s acting would have been a treat to our eyes and ears if it had decent story with engaging scenes.
Bharat Bala is one of the best Ad film makers in the industry. He is the one who did “Vande Mataram” album. Movie is based on real life incident; he met the 3 hostages and gathered information from them on how they escaped from Sudan. Excellent Cinematography, Wonderful performances by the lead actors and Mesmerizing Music is much more sufficient for an Album, but for a feature film? He has wasted Dhanush’s hard work with documentary kind of scenes in the first half. There are few scenes in the movie which are good, but story & screenplay of the movie completely overshadows it.
Overall, Dhanush carries the movie on his own shoulders throughout and fails to achieve the target due to very average documentary kind of screenplay.
This Movie may be praised by the Critics and fewer sections of people will feel that it is a CLASS MOVIE with technical brilliance. But, for a COMMON MAN, Story & Screenplay is much more important than the technical crew.

Dhanush must also have felt the same. He had tweeted “I don’t know what to promise in Maryan. But, I know the visuals will excite you guys. It will be something very new. Hope you guys too feel the same”
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5 (2 for Dhanush’s Acting Alone)
Sathish Kumar

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