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User reviews of Aishwarya Dhanush's Vai Raja Vai posted in Twitter
A tale of a normal young man with an exceptional quality is precisely what Vai Raja Vai is all about. While the whole story and the idea are unique, the part when Dhanush walks in as Kokki Kumar and Yuvan's music stand out as the highlights for many. 
From Aishwarya R. Dhanush's previous movie 3, that had in-depth and focused characters, one may expect Vai Raja Vai also to have elements such as explicit bond of love, extreme display of inner emotions, less characters and so on. But Vai Raja Vai turns out to be a surprise for its audience as there were mass scenes, commercial songs as inserts and many characters. Aishwarya has indeed done a good job to blend them all together and make it a wholesome package.
Reviews about this movie have been great so far in Twitter. While some feel Kokki Kumar's character has taken over the movie, few others feel Yuvan's music, the different story and good screenplay are the reasons to watch Vai Raja Vai.  Find below some interesting tweets about this movie by the common public.
> Jenukshan Colombas - Congrats to your team. I really enjoyed your latest, #VaiRajaVai. All the best for the future. Be Blessed!
> Yuvi Karthik -  Watched Vai Raja Vai today. Watchable. Kokki Kumar was awesome. Vivek is back. Hero of the film rocked. 3/5
> VISHNU - Saw #VaiRajaVai. Sema Superb Entertaining! Superb Visuals, Music and Comedy By Actor Vivek Sir. #paTTasu !!! Ponga !!!
> кαииαмαкєѕн - Awesome performance, good film nice to see good story after a long time.
> Selvamani - #VaiRajaVai super duper movie. Enjoyed a lot in theater with friends. Dhanush as #kokkikumar chanceyilla.
> Vijay Anand - One of the best entertaining movies of 2015. Climax theri mass! Screenplay well-handled. Yuvan rocked !! Congrats Mam:)#VaiRajaVai   
> Sreelakshmi Deeps - VaiRajaVai is a perfect recipe of a full-on entertainer without even a dash of obscenity or violence. It gives the audience a joy ride.
> Sabhari -  #VaiRajaVai a good #comedythriller. Gayathriraguram Akka u did a fantastic job nd looking cute @Actor_Vivek sir comedy sema
> Azmanirudh - Planning 2 watch Vai raja Vai again and love panda character new story and nice movie all the very best for ur future projects anni.
> Sreelakshmi Deeps - Watched the movie #vaiRajaVai... such an awsome movie.... kokki kumar... dialouges ellam super mass
> Naveen Kumar - Three positive reasons to watch #VaiRajaVai . 1) Different story 2) Yuvan music 3) Kokki Kumar of course. 


User reviews of Aishwarya Dhanush's Vai Raja Vai posted in Twitter

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