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Interview Team : Vaishnavi; Jyothsna; Ganesh; Venkat

With Bangalore Naatkal, releasing on 5th February, Sri Divya is all chirpy, cheerful and euphoric about this. Vaishnavi engages in a light chit-chat with her.


What made you take up Bangalore Naatkal?

Not just one, I have many reasons. Firstly, because of Bhaskaran sir as he convinced me. I told him this is a remake, people will compare so I don't want to do it. Also, I have not done remakes till now. I didn't believe in remaking. After I received the offer, I spoke to many people about it. I told them that I am having second thoughts, but all of them told me to go ahead with it. None said no and all of them were more excited than me. Also, I loved the character. Nazriya’s role in Bangalore days was awesome.


What did you like about Divya’s character?

I would say that I will be depicted in an entirely different avatar this time. This role is nothing like the ones from my previous films. Both my looks and character are highly different in this venture. Well, reprising Nazriya’s role was a challenge indeed.


What do you feel with regard to the comparisons that are being made online between you and Nazriya?

I was ready for the comparisons, thankfully (laughs). We have spoken about it a lot of times and the entire crew is actually ready for it. The venture being a remake, we were ready for it right from the beginning.


So will we see Sridivya’s touch in Divya’s character?

Of course. I have portrayed it in my style. I was myself on the sets. Divya’s character is what I'm like in real life. They let me be free and allowed the essence to flow freely. I didn't copy Nazriya in any regard; we enacted it as we do normally. 


Previously, you stated that you faced a lot of height issues with Rana. If so, how did you handle it?

When it’s a standing position, I faced a lot of issues even with Atharvaa and Vikram Prabhu. But with Rana, I faced issues while sitting too. Be it the trademark laptop scene or the car scenes, we had to adjust the car seats and frame it accordingly.

With Rana, I faced issues while sitting too.


Are you convinced enough that you have done justice to 'Divya'’s character?

No comparisons, please! I would say that I love the character and that I have given it my best shot. Me as Sridivya, I have my own style and I have delivered my best indeed.


Why did you stick to roles that showcase you as an innocent girl or being a damsel in distress only?

No, I didn't stick to them. I got such offers only so I took it up gladly. But I don’t regret doing them, I am very happy that I made those choices.


Are you not interested in being a glam doll? If the role demands it, wouldn't you take up glamour roles?

No, I'm not interested in being a glam doll. Even if the role demands I won’t take it up because I am not comfortable with showing skin and I intend to keep it that way and I guess that’s what is needed at the end of the day.

I am not comfortable with showing skin


Can you tell us something memorable about Bangalore Naatkal?

The rapport that we three shared is the highlight. When we went to Bangalore, we roamed around freely and had lots of fun on the sets. We cannot roam around like that in Chennai, but in Bangalore we did what we felt like. I felt as if I went on a trip and I did have a lot of fun on the sets.


I presume you also canned the smoking scene during marriage? How was the experience?

(giggles) I smoked for the first time in the movie and I should thank Rana I guess. Because he was the one who taught me to smoke and guided me even during the scene. It was really funny and all of them made fun of me. People clicked pictures of me smoking and teased me. I felt very shy that so many people were staring. Also, I was blushing the whole day, even after the shoot got over.

People clicked pictures of me smoking and teased me.


Something interesting about your co-stars please?

Rana Daggubati- He is a kid at heart. He is very soft. In Baahubali, people showcased him to be a terror and someone very dominating but in real life, he is very friendly. He is the life of a party. He keeps the surroundings lively and is very down to earth and dedicated too. I never expected him to be so serious professionally. I was awestruck by his performance in Bangalore Naatkal because I was wondering how will he perform this role. But he changed his body language and performed it with ease. I would say that he has done justice to this role.
Bobby Simha- He is a National Award winner and I don’t think I can talk about him. Given that Nivin Pauly’s role had a lot of fans; I would say Bobby has rocked it. This is very different from his previous projects and he forms the crux here. We share a very unique bond because he is also an introvert like me. He was my first friend on the sets. Later on, he started changing. Arya and Rana spoiled him and he started teasing me all the time.
Arya- He is a very friendly person and taught me a lot of stuff. He acts like a gel between the people and is very socialistic. He helped me a lot during the bike ride scene as well.
Raai Laxmi- Well, I did not meet her a lot of times and couldn't speak to her properly. I would say that she is very friendly, charming and gorgeous. Laxmi is very glamorous too.

Arya and Rana spoiled Bobby Simha!


I presume there's a bike scene, how was that experience? Do you know how to ride a bike in real life?

I was very scared before the scene. This is my first bike riding experience. The bike was very huge and heavy. I thought I can just pose and Arya will drive me around but he taught me to drive it easily. After that I started driving the bike easily even with Arya on it. 

 I started driving the bike easily even with Arya on it. 


We heard that you dubbed in the movie for the first time? How was the experience?

Yes, I did dub for the first time. It was the toughest part. I faced a lot of issues with the slang and punctuation. My co-director helped me a lot. Though I have tried doing it for the previous ventures, Bhaskar sir was very specific that small notes like hmm, aaah and sighs should be in my voice to enhance the quality of the character. When I did that they were very satisfied so they wanted me to continue dubbing for the entire character. I had trouble sticking to the accent and dubbing the crying scenes as well. After the dubbing when Bhaskar sir told me ‘It was awesome’ I was very happy and felt that it was worth the effort. 


Will you continue dubbing?

No. My slang will spoil the essence of the characters especially if I am portraying a village girl so I guess it’s better not to do it. In Divya’s character, mix of English and Tamil is okay. That’s why I took it up; but for others, I don’t think I will


Will you take up solo projects like Trisha and Nayantara?

If I feel I will be able to do justice to the role, then I will definitely take it up.

Future projects?

Marudhu, Kashmora and a project with Jiiva that is yet to be finalized.


Quick Bytes

Genre- Love stories
Colour- White
Food- Anything that is homemade and I love sweets actually.
Western or Indian wear- Indian wear
Actor- Kamal Haasan and Suriya
Actress- Jayasudha, Kangana Ranaut, Trisha Krishnan
Role- It’s just that I wish I star in all of Mani Ratnam and GVM’s upcoming movies (giggles loudly).



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