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Interview Team : Kavya sathyamoorthy; Arjun; Venkat; L Karthik; Jyothsna

When I first met him, I thought he was going to have a super solid face throughout the interview session but later realized that he was more adorable than I expected and more honest than I deserved. Here is Srikanth opening up about Sowkarpettai, his ghost encounters, his little son and more.



Sowkarpettai is approximately your 35th film. What have you learnt now that you wish you had learnt earlier?

First of all, I don’t believe in numbers and I didn’t know that this was my 35th. I just take a movie as it comes. The first thing that I realized while doing this film was that I haven’t done a dual role in these many years. The second thing I learnt was that such a film can be built within a span of just three months, instead of the usual time-frame of 8 months to one year.


I’ve heard people say that Srikanth is an ‘ushaaraana aalu’ and that you can’t be easily cheated. Is there a bitter history as a reason behind that?

Of course, I’ve faced a lot in the industry. I’ll be honest with you - there were times when I was impressed with a script and agreed to do the film. But within one week of filming, I sensed that the process was not going right and right away told the director that the film wasn’t going to work because he can at least rectify his mistake the next time. Even then, I had worked in the film just for the commitment that I’d given to the team. So I’m more practical and also vulnerable. I’ve seen people back-bite and I’ve also seen people praise me no matter what. So I don’t believe in praises and blames.

Within one week of filming, I right away told the director that the film wasn’t going to work.


Namitha or Raai Laxmi, who’s hotter?

That’s a tricky question! (gives those chirpy laughs) Both are good friends to me and I’d rate both of them to be really hot. On a scale of ten, let’s give them around 8.

Namitha and Raai Laxmi are really hot


All of a sudden, a school boy role! How were you prepared?

Honestly, one fine morning, I entered the sets and suddenly they asked me to go and get dressed up in a school uniform! I had no idea! A college guy role is fine, but a school guy role was pushing too hard. Before the director could convince me, I saw Raai Laxmi in that dress and she was all excited about it. I thought ‘what the hell !?’ ( cracks up a laughter). I asked her if she was sure going to do it and she said yes. when she herself was ready, I felt that I should proceed too. We then decided to forget about the dress and go about with the acting. Finally, the team was happy with the output and that’s what’s important to us. But yes, I was a little uncomfortable (winks and smirks)

I saw Raai Laxmi in that dress and she was all excited about it. I thought ‘what the hell !?’


Then comes the bombshell surprise of seeing you as an Aghori! How did that make you feel?

That was very exciting, inventive and adventurous for me! For the first time, I liked myself as the bad guy than the good. I’m both the protagonist and antagonist in Sowkarpettai but I prefer the latter as it was more thrilling. It had more to do in terms of a contrasting body language where I was able to open up, play around and improvise. But it was strenuous as it took an hour to put on or remove the makeover. Since we had a constrained number of days, we even had to don and doff the get-up thrice a day, that too under the hot sun with bare foot, for fight sequences.

We even had to don and doff the get-up thrice a day, that too under the hot sun with bare foot, for fight sequences.


Who’s the scariest in the movie?

If I say Raai Laxmi is the scariest person, she’d find it really odd ( Oh, the grin again). I think she’s done a few horror films previously and so I find her scarier.

Raai Laxmi is the scariest person


Are you scared of ghosts? Any real life ghost encounters?

As a kid, I was scared of ghosts and people used to take advantage of it by scaring me, playing the fool around and running away. My brother used to tease me and I used to sit back wailing somewhere and to overcome all that, after I entered college, I started watching only horror movies all alone. In fact I like the film Omen a lot. Once, I’ve paid money and been on a ghost hunting expedition for 24 hours in Scotland’s Edinburgh, but unfortunately I never came across any ghosts.

I was scared of ghosts and people used to take advantage of it by scaring me.


What’s your son’s take on cinema and actors?

We actually introduced the word Boochiyaa to our son, which meant ghost and whenever he was mischievous, we used to threaten him by saying that we’d hand him over to a Boochiyaa. But eventually, he started liking that aspect and started loving horror films. I actually found this when I once took him to the horror movie Kanchana where during the scary scenes, his body got panicky. I got scared and said ‘let’s go out’ for which my boy replied that he wanted to watch the film. After getting out of the theatre, when asked how the film was, he jumped in joy saying ‘Wow, so cool!’ and even asked me ‘Daddy, when will I see you in a Boochiyaa film?’. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to do Sowkarpettai. I took him to the shooting spot one day where he came all excited and running. He saw the way I was flying and kicking and turned toward Kanal Kannan and said “Oh, you’re so cool! Daddy is so cool, he’s flying!” (imitating his son, where I, for a moment, saw the cutest version of Srikanth!). Whether the film has a fear factor or not, the fact that it is a horror film, thrills him. When it comes to actors, he likes almost everybody but he’s a lot more a Vijay fan because of his dancing.

Oh, you’re so cool! Daddy is so cool, he’s flying!


Powerstar is in Sowkarpettai. Did you have combination scenes with him?

Yeah and oh, he’s hilarious! The one thing that I like about him is his higher level of self-confidence. He makes all the mocking that others do, his positive factor. Making every negative into positive is a fantastic thing. That is his asset, which is actually very nice.


What are the worst and best experiences your fans have given you?

Worst, I recall an incident where we were randomly taking pictures and someone just kissed me on my cheek and ran away. That’s a little weird because people should realize what they’re doing. Best experience is when a Japanese fan like Natsuko Murao came down to India, learnt Tamil and attended my birthday event in the presence of the press people. She even wrote a wish for me in Tamil. Someone picked up our language and culture for me and I’m happy about that.

Someone just kissed me on my cheek and ran away!


What is your ambition as of now?

I need to achieve a lot more in life, mature in performance, make a mark for myself where I can stand as an example for others in life. In career, there’s still a long way to go and there are genres I haven’t touched. I want to do better and better movies.


If you find the following people in your house when you wake up one fine morning, what’s the first thing you’d do with them?

Bhumika - a morning coffee

Namitha -  once caught her ordering so much of Biriyani and Halwa during Indhravizha’s shoot, so breakfast! (a wide beam of smile right there)

Vijay - he’s very much into health and fitness, so, a workout with him.

Jiiva - to pep up my day with a lot of humour, I’d go with Jiiva

Raai Laxmi - get the energy and a positive note from her

Sonia Agarwal - she’s very chirpy. We’ll have a long discussion on how to handle things in life





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