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Interview Team : Tamil Dharani; Venkatkrishna; Venkat; Jyothsna

Balakrishna Kola who debuts through Maalai Naerathu Mayakkam (MNM) shares his newbie experience in the film industry where he talks about his fitness regime, character enhancement, favourite genres and much more.

Sub - Editor Tamil Dharani gets hold of him ahead of MNM release...


A hero in the making...


I used to watch a lot of movies as my father Kola Bhaskar is in the industry for a very long time. When I was in class 4, I did an ad film which inspired me at that stage itself. After my Engineering I decided acting was my forte. Thereon, I started working on the basic things an actor needs and thus the journey began.


I came across a video of you in Facebook, working out hard. Are you a fitness freak?


I work out a lot and have been doing it for 5 years. I don’t go for the bodybuilding kind of workouts nor the heavy muscle types. I always go for the mixed martial arts training which gives a lot of stamina to your body. Though it isn’t that easy, I still love doing it.


Maalai Naerathu Mayakkam & Youngsters…


Usually in a Selva sir’s film we get to relate to our personal life easily and that applies in the case of MNM too. One would definitely come across characters like Prabhu and Manoja in their life. People will enjoy watching MNM, especially young couples.

People will enjoy watching MNM, especially young couples.


A cautious decision to choose this script…


When my dad said it is a Selvaraghavan story, I was immensely happy. And who would say no? I felt so lucky that my debut happened with Selva sir and I thank my dad for that.


Let’s talk about your heroines...


Both Wamiqa Gabbi and Parvathy Nair were very friendly and we all worked hard for the film. Performance wise both were brilliant and I felt comfortable working with both of them.


Did you come up with inputs to enhance your character?


Yeah, whenever I came up with an idea, Gitanjali ma’am would encourage it. But at the same time, she’d agree only if it does justice to the characters.


Genres that you would like to specifically touch upon...


I would love to do all types of movies, if you need something specific then it’s real life stories like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

I would love to do all types of movies


There would obviously be a scene where the heroine would be bashing the hero in a Selvaraghavan film. So how many punches did you get?


(Laughs out loud) If you watch the movie you will know, it’s not something that I don’t want to reveal but you will have to watch it to experience it.


Your look in the movie is similar to 7G rainbow colony ‘Ravi Krishna’ and even the voice modulation. Does the movie has a connect with 7G?


No. It came out naturally and it has nothing to do with 7G rainbow colony.


Your debut movie… ‘A’ certificate movie… Any insecurity...


No, not at all. See, doing a Selvaraghavan movie in itself is a big task for a debutant and I feel lucky that I took up this wonderful opportunity. No one would regret it.


Mr & Mrs Selvaraghavan..


Selvaraghavan sir is a back bone and more of a family to us. Gitanjali ma’am made the entire set so lively and nobody ever felt any pressure. Though we worked hard for the film, we didn’t have any stress in doing anything; even the technicians were chilled out on the sets. Gitanjali ma’am satisfied Selvaraghavan sir’s story.

Gitanjali ma’am satisfied Selvaraghavan sir’s story.


Selvaraghavan is known for his bold characters and script. Challenges faced...


We were so friendly that we didn’t feel any pressure or problem to do the close up shots or intimate scenes. Only because of the family environment we were able to do it. Ultimately satisfying the audience is important. Hope I have done justice to it.




Actor - Ajith, Dhanush


Actress - Anushka, Rakul Preet Singh


Director - Obviously it’s Selva sir


Special thanks to Selvaraghavan and my father Kola Bhaskar for Maalai Naerathu Mayakkam.




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