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Interview Team : Kaushik L M; Venkatkrishna


Though she apparently sounded tired after a long day of shoots in Hyderabad for her Telugu film A Aa, Samantha was her chirpy self in this telephonic interview with Kaushik ahead of the release of Thangamagan, her first film with Dhanush. Over to Sam … 

You are playing a housewife in Thangamagan, which is a first for you in Tamil … 


Thangamagan is another step for me in my pursuit to not do the sweet, sugary, cutesy roles anymore. This is the first time that I am playing a housewife in Tamil though in the Telugu film Manam, I played a housewife for a part of the film. Importantly, Thangamagan is not VIP 2, and we have revealed a crux of the story in the trailer. I hope that the audiences like it.

The standout aspects of director Velraj’s working style? 

The team was very clear in what they wanted from me and this clarity was something which stood out in director Velraj and his team. I had to follow their instructions and brief for my role Yamuna and play around a bit to get it right. They completed the shoot in about 44 days and this says a lot about their planning and execution skills, without wasting anyone’s time and energy. It was more about unlearning certain aspects that I already had, rather than learn new things. It was a different experience for me and a role which would stand out in my career graph.

The team completed the shoot in just about 44 days.

And Thangamagan helped you in understanding Dhanush better as an actor and co-star before moving on to Vada Chennai? 

It was a really enriching experience to share the screen space with Dhanush. He is someone who lifts the entire frame and all his co-actors, and is so well-versed in all the aspects of cinema. His inputs and ideas to me will surely benefit my career as a whole and that is something which I would really take back from Thangamagan. And in news, I would be pairing up in another film with him after Vada Chennai too, thereby making it two upcoming films with him.

Dhanush is so well-versed in all the aspects of cinema.

The legendary Radhika must have also made Thangamagan memorable for you right? 

Radhika ma'am is a legend and I have been bowled over by her work in many Telugu films and in Swati Mutyam (Sippikkul Muthu) with Kamal sir, particularly. But she is so friendly and it’s my good fate that I am working with her in Theri as well. She is always full of good advise to me and she insisted that I begin dubbing on my own to do better justice to my characters.

Radhika ma'am insisted that I begin dubbing on my own.

Amy Jackson had commented in a recent interview that you were a beautiful person, inside and out, and that you two didn’t have any catfights. How was it to experience her hard work towards doing justice to Tamil films? 

Amy Jackson is beautiful as we all know but as I have also tweeted, her dedication and hardwork are mindblowing. The efforts that she undertakes to learn Tamil words and lines, and pronounce them in the best possible way in her beautiful British accent is so nice to experience. I was also commenting about this to Dhanush. We both share the screenspace in just one emotional scene in Thangamagan and I am happy on the whole with what she has on her plate. Her career is really taking off.

Me and Amy just have one emotional scene together in Thangamagan.

Did you give her inputs on how to play an Anglo Indian, being one yourself? 

She didn’t need my inputs on that front (laughs).

More about Theri and 24?

I have completed shooting for both the films and am yet to dub for them. Both the directors, Atlee and Vikram Kumar, are known to provide good roles to their female actors and both Theri and 24 are out of my comfort zones where I get to play slightly risky, non-regular roles. I can’t reveal anything more on the characters or their names (laughs).

Now going back a bit, did the response to 10 Endrathukulla disappoint you? 

I wouldn’t want to lie by saying that I was not disappointed with the outcome of 10 Endrathukulla. It was a risky move for me and could have been panned by critics and audiences but luckily my role wasn’t rejected. It was a different role that I got to play and that’s a positive that I would take out of the film. We always work with the best intentions and can’t judge the fate of films. We have to be prepared to face such failures.

My role in 10 Endrathukulla wasn’t panned.

How has your home and family coped with the Chennai Floods? More about your plans for Pallavaram? 

Thankfully my home was in a safe place and we didn’t face much difficulty. But the area has been ravaged and local authorities and volunteers are surveying the extent of the damage. Now it is all about rehabilitating and rebuilding lives, as the water has mostly drained out. I am trying to provide a small part of what people have lost. My mother was particular that I shouldn’t donate to some common fund as there wouldn’t be clarity on the way the donation is used. That’s why I decided to focus my funds locally on Pallavaram. I may go and visit the area’s people once I get free from my shoot commitments.

I am trying to provide a small part of what people have lost.

Expectations from the New Year? 

It is not about climbing up and running some rat race anymore. 2016 is about consolidating what I have and making a solid mark, both professionally and personally as an individual. Some big releases are coming up in the New Year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Sam … 



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