Release Date : Sep 19,2015
Ennu Ninte Moideen (aka) review

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Production: Binoy Shankarath, Dr.Suresh Kumar, Ragy Thomas, Suresh Raj
Cast: Parvathy Menon , Prithviraj
Direction: R. S. Vimal
Screenplay: R. S. Vimal
Story: R. S. Vimal
Music: Gopi Sunder, M. Jayachandran, Ramesh Narayan
Background score: Gopi Sundar
Cinematography: Jomon T. John
Dialogues: R. S. Vimal
Editing: Mahesh Narayanan
On first mention, the premise behind RS Vimal's debut offering Ennu Ninte Moideen comes across as a story we've all heard before. But what makes this tragic love story such an interesting watch is the honesty and intensity with which it has been brought to screen. 
The basics are simple. Set in the 1960s in the tiny village of Mukkam in Kozhikode, Kerala, the film narrates the story of Moideen and Kanchanamala, two youngsters from different communities who are in love with each other. But it's not to be that simple when everything from society to the universe itself conspires against them in not letting the lovers unite. With no way to meet or converse with each other, the two lovers devise their own ways to communicate; like the ingenious ways they get letters across to each other to developing a language that only the both of them understand. 
Inspired by a real-life story, the film wastes no time in setting up the canvas to paint a picteresque yet tragic tale with a stellar cinematography by Jomon T John and a gripping background score by Gopi Sundar. The background score, though abrupt in parts, is something that will  immediately draw you into their world, and the cinematography alternates between a rich kaleidoscope of colours and a cloudy hue as the story progresses into a more intense territory. 
Prithviraj, as the intrepid and charming Moideen essays his part with conviction. Despite the badly done wig work, Prithviraj brings an aura around the sometimes larger-than-life Moideen, such as those moments where he is unapologetic and open in the ways in which he courts his woman, despite the world of opposition around them. Although you're left wanting to see more vignettes of the young man's character, Parvathy's Kanchanamala is who steals the show. You're charmed by her stolen lovelorn glances and bowled over by the intesity withwhich she stands up for her love.
When you're telling a story as powerful as this, you need the support of an equally powerful cast. Tovino Thomas, who was last noticed for his hilarious portrayal of a daft bodybuilder in You Too Brutus, explores a completely new facet of his as an actor and delivers an impressive performance as Kanchanamala's cousin Appu. Despite the lack of much screen time, he delivers to a T, especially in the scene where he professes his love to Kanchana despite knowing it's unrequited. Lena and Sai Kumar as Moideen's parents play two ends of a rather wide moral spectrum when it comes to their son's future. Yet another performance to watch out for is Bala, who plays Kanchana's older brother who is caught between the family's reputation and his younger sister's happiness.
You are definitely assured a riveting canvas against which this story is told, but there are instances where there is a tendency to depend too much on the visuals while the narrative itself takes a slow place with its running time of almost 170 minutes. But even then, you don't really mind this because the story builds up beautifully despite knowing the obvious outcome to this tragic love story. 
Verdict: Ennu Ninte Moideen is a definite watch for its brilliant packaging, powerhouse performances and a heartbreaking love story that will not fail to make you well up and reach for that box of tissues. Given that everybody loves a good love story, this film will definitely not disappoint.
( 3.25 / 5.0 )


Ennu Ninte Moideen (aka)

Ennu Ninte Moideen (aka) is a Malayalam movie with production by Binoy Shankarath, Dr.Suresh Kumar, Ragy Thomas, Suresh Raj, direction by R. S. Vimal, cinematography by Jomon T. John, editing by Mahesh Narayanan. The cast of Ennu Ninte Moideen (aka) includes Parvathy Menon , Prithviraj.