Release Date : Apr 10,2015
Ivan Maryadaraman (aka) Evan Maryaadaraman review

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Production: Anto Joseph
Cast: Dileep, Nikki Galrani
Direction: Suresh Divakar
Music: Gopi Sundar
Ivan Maryadaraman (IM) could possibly be the last remake of the Telugu film Maryada Ramanna, which was also remade in Hindi and Tamil in the form of Son of Sardar and Vallavanukku Pullum Aayudham respectively.
Dileep’s decision to take up this script is quite understandable considering his ability to pull of the comic nuances that the script demands. The plot runs around a “God-knows-why” neverending family dispute into which Dileep unpreparedly traps himself. 
However a weak screenplay puts the film a little on the boring side - or is it because the script has been exhausted, or may be outdated?
The comedy in the film is more like it is forced into people no matter how hard Dileep tries to make us laugh. He does succeed to pull out a few giggles once in a while with some of his slapstick-ism though.
Nikki Galrani as the lead lady dances, dreams, sings and falls in love just like any other normal heroine  - not to miss the smile on her face in her introduction scene even though she runs as fast as her legs can take her trying to catch a train that she might miss.
Although the engaging factor falls on the weaker side, director Suresh Divakar and cinematographer Vijay Ulaganath, along with the other technical crew have made sure that the film does not fall short in production value - the aesthetics of the village and the depth in the photography taken good care of.
Suraj Venjaramoodu’s performance as a non living thing hangs in there - but again people are very used to his local ‘thirontharam’ accent, that his attempted comical liners do not ring the right bell for some.
The movie has a whole lot of baddies - Nagineedu, Abu Salim, Anand, Sudheer Sukumaran and a big bunch of other goons, whose actions and reactions clearly spell the word cliché  not even missing out the accent on top of the ‘e’.
Although the movie is not funny, what makes us sit through the length of IM is its fast paced, non draggy sequencing clubbed with some decent background scoring. 
Produced by Anto Joseph under the banner Anto Joseph Film Company, Ivan Maryadaraman is an attempted comedy thriller that fails to impress.
Verdict: An outdated script with poor comedy
( 2.0 / 5.0 )


Ivan Maryadaraman (aka) Evan Maryaadaraman

Ivan Maryadaraman (aka) Evan Maryaadaraman is a Malayalam movie with production by Anto Joseph, direction by Suresh Divakar. The cast of Ivan Maryadaraman (aka) Evan Maryaadaraman includes Dileep, Nikki Galrani.