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Production: Eros International, Maqtro Pictures, R. V. Films Cast: Amala Akkineni, Manju Warrier, Shane Nigam Direction: Antony Sony Screenplay: Bipin Chandran, R. J. Shaan Story: R. J. Shaan Music: Mejo Joseph Cinematography: Abdul Rahim Editing: Sagar Dass

C/O Saira Banu is debutant director Antony Sony's emotional and dramatic thriller which has Malayalam Lady Superstar Manju Warrier and 'Kismath' fame actor Shane Nigam in pivotal roles. Yesteryear actress Amala Akkineni plays a very important role in the film that sheds light on many socially relevant topics like hit-and-run cases, the plight of other state workers in Kerala, common man's unawareness of rules and regulations.


The strength of the movie, written by RJ Shaan and writer Bipin Chandran, is the bonding between Saira Banu (Manju Warrier) and her son Joshua (Shane Nigam). The happy life of the duo is unsettled when Joshua is apprehended by the police in connection with a hit-and-run case. The struggle of Saira Banu in this situation forms the crux and core of the movie. Amala Akkineni plays the role of Annie John Tharavady, a highly successful lawyer who has been assigned by the government to prove Joshua guilty.


The screenplay has many good moments that show the depth of the bondage between Saira and Joshua. The uniqueness in their story adds a fresh unhackneyed beauty to the picture. The surprise in the movie is Joshua's father, Peter George. At times the screenplay strikes the perfect balance between an emotional drama and a well-written thriller but has many loose ends that could've been avoided with some fine tuning.


The bubbly and cheerful Saira Banu in the first half and the emotionally hit, yet strong Saira Banu in the second half have been portrayed neatly by Manju Warrier. Amala Akkineni makes a perfect comeback with a commanding performance even though there were some minor glitches in her dialogue delivery. Shane Nigam handles his character neatly, and Niranjana and Biju Sopanam perform decently as supporting cast.


The cinematography by Abdul Rahim and the music by Mejo Joseph help bring out the comedy, the emotion and the true essence of the movie. Regardless of few logical errors the movie has, it has all the elements required to make a good emotional thriller because of the convincing performances.

Verdict: A thrilling emotional drama by Manju Warrier and Amala Akkineni


2.75 5 ( 2.75 / 5.0 )



C/O Saira Banu (aka) Saira Banu

C/O Saira Banu (aka) Saira Banu is a Malayalam movie. Amala Akkineni, Manju Warrier, Shane Nigam are part of the cast of C/O Saira Banu (aka) Saira Banu. The movie is directed by Antony Sony. Music is by Mejo Joseph. Production by Eros International, Maqtro Pictures, R. V. Films, cinematography by Abdul Rahim, editing by Sagar Dass.