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Chandramukhi in Japan
Chandramukhi In Japan
Chandramukhi In Japan
Chandramukhi In Japan

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Courtesy :
Karthick Venkatesan

Dear friends,

Watching Thalaivar's movies is like a festival occasion. If it is in Japan, it's a bonanza.

D-Day on Oct 28th. ChandraMukhi will be screened on Oct 28th

We all geared up for the midnight show which starts at 12:50 AM. We are set with SS Photos and T-shirts with Japanese fans in my office.

Oct 28th 6: 00 PM

Good news is it falls on Friday midnight. We all finished our office work at 6:00 and went to the much anticipated screening of ChandraMukhi in Rooppongi hills in Tokyo. Screening is on one of the best theatres in Tokyo. We all reached the Theatre at 10:00 PM

Oct 28th 10:00 PM

Crowd starts to pour in and there was an excitement creeping in. We checked with the theatre owners and confirmed the timings again. Believe me there are only 8 Indians in the theatre which has a capacity of 250.

ChandraMukhi overseas distributor was there in the theatre and had a chat about the response in Tokyo. There was an another screening which happened on Oct 23rd and he told that there were only 4 Indians and the
show was packed with Japanese. It's a repeat here on Oct 28th.

He was amazed by the response he got for the movie. He has promised us that Shivaji will be released on the same day all over the world. He has planned to release Veera and ChandraMukhi again in mid next year.

This is very good news for all the Japanese fans.

Oct 29th 12:00 AM

50 minutes to go for the screening, the crowds started pouring in with Thalavar's T-shirts. Talk of the town was “Thalaivar”.
We had a chat with lot of Japanese fans and it's clear that Thalaivar's presence is unquestionable. Reason behind this craze is that they compare Thalaivar with Jackie Chan. They feel that Thalaivar is very fast in stunts and style.

OCt 29th 12: 50 AM

8 Indians were awestruck by the response from the exuberant Japanese crowd. They were clapping and whistling throughout. When the Superstar logo was projected in the screen, everyone screamed "aiay aiay aiay...." and the introduction scene's response was fabulous. Each stunt scene gets applause and they liked the fight scenes very much. Movie had Japanese subtitle and the crowd enjoyed it. Gimmicks like Thalaivar coming in 10 faces and "Pattam" scenes get a roaring response. Final song and fight gets a thunderous applause from the Japanese crowd.


This is the best moment of my life. Film was over and cast and Technicians names started scrolling. Capacity crowd hasn't moved a single step and they sat till the end of the last name.

Once the film was over there was a standing ovation and a thunderous applause for 2 minutes, still resonating in my ears. I haven’t seen such a response in any part of the world. I had watched Thalaivar’s movies in all parts of the world and this is special indeed. After getting the thunderous applause, we are over whelmed and it never came out of the mind.

This was one of the best moment s which I cherished in my life. There are no doubt Thalaivar rules in Japan and excitement continues for the next film called "Sivaji" which is going to be a cracker. I wish I will be in Japan during that time.

Watching Thalavar’s movie in India and getting claps is unique.
Watching Thalavar’s movie in an unknown territory and seeing the response is something astonishing.

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