Shankar’s silent victory

Expectations soared sky high when Shankar announced Endhiran with Super Star Rajinikanth.

Shankar-Rajini Combination along with AR Rahman and Aiswarya with the budget ranging from 165 to 200 crores and one doesn’t need to explain the expectation level for this mega budget venture.

Once the expectation level goes high it would be tough for any film maker to match the output with audience’s expectation.

This was definitely one of the biggest tasks which need to be addressed before its release. And Shankar and Co made good efforts to have their firm control over the expectation level by not leaking the various aspects of the film in its production stage.

To be very honest, talks about Endhiran were very less for the past 24 months. One was not getting enough news or

pictures of film which slowly started reducing the audience to think about it.

It doesn’t mean that people have forgotten about the movie, but even when a film with a budget of 30 to 50 Crores in India, talks more on the media reports. Even a set for 1 or 2 Crores makes headlines here.

And it should have been 4 times better, but that is not the case with Endhiran.

Yes there were few leaked shooting spot pictures at initial stage but since then the team had a firm control over these.

Just a month ago I have heard Super Star in an interview saying that the film will be released either in late August or early September.

Now by July first week Shankar official announced that he has completed the production and that the film will release soon.

Yes it was a shock, it could have hyped to a greater level but suddenly now I realize that I am going to see a movie as big as this in just weeks time.

Yes I am an ordinary fan who loves lots of updates and pictures but now when I sit in front of 70 mm screen what I will see is something new.

If we could have seen the pictures of sets worth 5 crores we would have definitely enjoyed but it wouldn’t be as interesting as you see them fresh in theatres.

By now one can easily say Shankar has won his silent battle. And definitely Shankar and Co should be appreciated for this effort.

I have a small request; one can easily say that the film’s title card will definitely have some words to thank late Sujatha.

But it will be so nice if they could display Sujatha’s Photo along with those words. It would be definitely be a good tribute as Yaaradi Nee Mohini team did for late Raghuvaran.

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