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It has been quite a good year for all music lovers in 2011 when many debutante composers broke through with astonishing level of finesse.

2011 has been a great year for Tamil music. Kolaveri Di topped the charts all over the world and we had several songs with pulsating rhythm and poetic lyrics.

It was a year of hits, misses, national awards and of course a certain kolaveri finding place in the dictionary of many Indian languages.

Tamil cinema's lead actors have continued to impress with their performances and sheer star power.

The actresses who have been the perfect foil for their leading men have done a good job in keeping us entertained.

There are great directors and great actors. The success of the latter almost always lies in the hands of the former.

Putting well composed songs into pictures and inserting them into movies is one of the most difficult things, especially when you don't use fancy locations.

This year a fresh lot of heroines made their entry into Tamil cinema. Some took the silver screen by storm while others made people sit up and take notice.


In a hero dominated industry, the men with the greasepaint are almost impossible to be neglected. Daring fight sequences, punch dialogues.

2010 is an unforgettable year in terms of the quality of music that we have heard. As in the recent past, this year too saw newcomers making it big along with the veterans, who can never be missed or forgotten.

In a hero dominated industry, the men with the greasepaint are almost impossible to be neglected. Daring fight sequences, punch dialogues.

Imagine the hero of a movie romancing alone or dancing around trees all by himself! Sounds boring? No wonder the pretty damsels (read heroines) are called eye-candies, sirens etc.

What will happen if you are in the middle of a dense forest and you have lost your way? A movie's fate would be the same if it is not given the direction by the concerned person.

There are people in Kollywood who work tirelessly behind the scenes and in front of it too, to change / improve the image of Tamil cinema in the country and across the globe.

Dancing is an art. The gifted few, who have mastered this art, make the rest go green with envy. If music is an inevitable part of our movies.

Music in Indian cinema is an inseparable commodity. Right from the great old days of Cinema, songs have proven to be the soul in a movie. With the evolution of of time.


2009 has not been too bad a year for music lovers. Yes, everyone will be lamenting the absence of Rahman.

Yes, we have had countdowns for the best movie, performances, actors etc. of 2009. But what about the force that drives the industry - commerce.

Who are the stars who call the shots in the industry? Who are the ones whom the producers are willing to put their money on?

What is a good performance? Is it the one that makes you clap in delight, whistle in excitement or make you acknowledge that talents of an actor?

Another countdown. This time, its not movies or music. Here we have for you the 10 people who made a huge difference to the Tamil film industry.

How do you decide the worth of a director? Of course, by the box office record! But, isn't that also influenced by the presence of stars or otherwise?

Time to look back at 2009! Lots of good memories for those who chose to watch movies that promised and delivered something different.

2009 was a year of hits and disappointments in a proportion that didn't leave too many people complaining. But, apart from the hits and disappointments, there were also the misses.

Which is the most special Diwali? For each person, it has to be their Thala Diwali, the first after marriage. The first big celebration with one's spouse has got to be extra special.

We have heard the best songs of 2009. But, a good song need not look good in a movie unless the director conceives, shoots and places it well in his movie. It is a really tough thing to integrate a song into a narrative.

A forgettable year for the Hindi film Industry had finally come to an end. The year which saw the fight between the distributor/producer with the exhibitors finally came to its climax.

2009 saw limited releases, unlimited money, brilliant marketing and way too many duds. This is my Top ten duds of 2009.


Its here! The official Behindwoods rating of the best 2008 Tamil movies. Choosing the best 10 was not easy, even with a detailed criteria and a visitor's poll.

The New Year 2009, although more than a month old, has brought with it the exciting prospect of many releases big and small lined up to hit theaters at various times during.

It was a year of many memorable performances in Tamil cinema. The stars have been brilliant as usual, the technicians have bettered their previous benchmarks, music was as diverse as it was enjoyable.

On Tamil New Year's day let's look back at what 2008 offered us in music, making it what it was in terms of surprises, creativity, disappointments, talent and potential.

Its here! The official Behindwoods rating of the best 2008 Tamil movies. Choosing the best 10 was not easy, even with a detailed criteria and a visitor's poll.

2008 saw the coming of age of the audience, as many movies of big stars bit the dust when small, quality movies were lapped up by the audience.

Bollywood has just come out from a three month hiatus and due to which a record number of biggies have been lined up one after the other to cash in on the sheer entertainment drought.


There are movies which make a difference and there are movies that are different. When movies that are different make a difference (which is the case most of the times).

Tamil cinema in 2007 saw an increase in the value added by the female leads towards the success of movies, some through sheer performance and some through glitz.

Trade wise, 2007 has been a great year for Tamil cinema. Lots of movies ran successfully and made profits. Here we present the Top ten movies of 2007.

In a state that is not short of heroes for all kinds of films, picking out 10 who deserve the acclaim is a tough task. But we have managed to pull off just that doing.

2007 has also been the year of, besides many positives, few movies that flattered to deceive. The entire industry and the audience had high hopes of these films.

The Captains, the men who shape a movie. If they go wrong, then everything goes wrong. The importance of directors cannot be overemphasized.

This year is pretty packed. Almost all the big stars have a date with the box office and we have chosen the 20 that we think are the most eagerly expected.


2006 has been a happening year. It has been a year of hits, flops, marriages, love affairs, heartbreaks and many other things. It has been a landmark year in many ways.

2006 - the year passed in the blink of an eye! While it was a year of mixed and varied performances at the box office.

2007 is a big year for Tamil moviedom. Why?? Well,for starters we have the titans Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan clashing at the box office, not to mention the young brigade of Vijay, Ajith, Surya.