A forgettable year for the Hindi film Industry had finally come to an end. The year which saw the fight between the distributor/producer with the exhibitors finally came to its climax. But that also resulted in a three month strike which made the rest of the 6 months been pounded with multiple releases. The magic figure of ten releases a week was also attained in the process and as expected all the ten irrespective of their critical/mass appeal hardly made money to recover their printing cost. But this year also saw some good movies being released and with not much trouble in finding them I am ranking them as per their cinematic appeal and not by its commerciality. Before getting on to the top ten lets see the movies which almost made it in the top ten. –

Honorary mention –

Wake up Sid – A simple tale with simple narration. Ranbir’s brilliant acting was showcased to the world.

13B – Dark, scary and brilliantly terrifying movie. If only Raaz had not released earlier.

Mohandas – The silent masterpiece. It made no sound pre or post release and it just went unnoticed.

At the time of the strike, when no big movies were releasing, a small movie with known star-cast released and reaped moola. 99 was not your ordinary movie but a well crafted escapist cinema which made you sit-up to all its intelligent twists and turns. If only the act 2 was as exhilarating as the other acts it could have hit a century.
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