We have heard the best songs of 2009. But, a good song need not look good in a movie unless the director conceives, shoots and places it well in his movie. It is a really tough thing to integrate a song into a narrative without making it look artificial or unreal (because songs never happen in real life). Yet, some directors do manage to shoot them beautifully and put them in their films at spots where we are drawn into them. Different directors have different styles; some choose exotic locations and grand sets for visual splendor; some choose montages which show the characters as they are supposed to be in story, and there are other styles too with new enhancements being added every passing year. Here we look at the most appealingly shot songs of 2009. Visual pleasure, placement in the movie, novelty, imagination and most importantly –significance to the narration have been taken into account.
Allegra - Kanthaswamy
A song that was shot in a setting pretty alien to Tamil cinema audiences till then. Looked like an opera theater in full attendance. The highlight of the song has to be Shriya who turned out a superb dance performance, the kind that had not been seen from Tamil cinema heroines for a long time. There was a certain kind of vigor throughout the song, something very important for a dance number such as this. On the flipside, the lighting could have been a bit brighter to give a more energetic feel and shots which show the audience did look a bit contrived and rehearsed.
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