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Review by : Abhijeet Vaishnav
Starring: : Boman Irani, Minissha Lamba, Sameer Dattani.
Direction: Shyam Benegal
Music: Shantanu Moitra.
Production: Reliance Big Pictures
After the success of his last movie Welcome to Sajannpur, yet again Shyam Benegal follows the narrative form of filmmaking which is his style. Well Done Abba is one of the unique arts of simplified story telling that touches the deepest corner of your heart and makes you euphoric. A lighthearted story that soothes your emotions and entertains with a strong message.

Well Done Abba is a story about Arman Ali (Boman Irani), who works as a driver in Mumbai for a businessman. Arman Ali goes on leave to Chikutapally (near Hyderabad) to search a match for his daughter Muskaan (Minisha Lamba). He returns after 3 months without intimating his boss. The boss becomes furious over Arman and decides to sack him. But Arman Ali persuades his boss and asks for one last opportunity and narrates a story to him.

This is where the plot unfolds and with this the
  Well Done Abba
introduction of other characters. When he reaches Chikutapally he finds that the state government has a special scheme that offers to dig a well in the agricultural land for the people who are below poverty line. Arman, thrilled with this scheme, decides to avail this scheme due to which he has to loop around many government officials who end up eating from his own pie. Frustrated Arman and his daughter Muskaan decide to turn the table around and get what they rightfully deserve. A series of incidents filled with fun and emotions makes it easy for you to understand the intricacies involved that would fetch them the fruit.

The film would gain appreciation from the niche audience and the ardent fans of Shayam Benegal as the concept deviates from the regular layman’s choice of crisp 120 minutes movie. This movie extending further doesn’t lag with its screenplay and story line. In terms of dialogue it can go beyond audience’s understanding towards Telegu and Hyderabadi lingo that follows in the movie.

The Director, Shyam Benegal has always used the characters as a vital tool to define his story. The characters are filled with such purity and simplicity that each and every one plays a part and create a wavelength with the audience. As in the past, Benegal believes that entertainment comes with a purpose when it has something to say. In Well Done Abba too, the sensitive issues like forced marriage, the discrepancies and the loopholes in the government system are conveyed in a very polished way, respecting the sentiments of all the people.

The performance holds the credibility in Benegal’s movies. Boman Irani both in the form of twins, Arman Ali and Rehman Ali is outstanding and gives his best with his Hyderabadi lingo. The expression and the subtle humor in the film by Boman are worth mentioning and it stands out among all. Minisha Lamba is definitely improving and she plays the role of a conservative Muslim girl aptly. Rajit Kapoor known for his complex roles in movies like Ghulam plays the role of a frustrated police officer and shows his perfection in playing multifarious roles. Ravi Kishen is tapped well by Benegal as the lustful government official played by him. Other characters Sameer Dattani, Saleem Ghouse play their part in their movie and prove their significance. Sonali Kulkarni is underplayed and doesn’t offer much to the film.

The music is by Shantanu Moitra and he gives his best yet again after Parineeta with mellifluous background score and excellent lyrics by Ashok Mishra, Ila Arun and Swanand Kirkire. The editing by Aseem Sinha is sharp. The cinematography by Rajan Kothari is brilliant and also tapping Hyderabad in a way that brings authenticity to the entire movie.

Well Done Abba will push you to a different level of entertainment that will make you happy as well as sob. After winning the hearts of International audience and winning several accolades it is likely to merge with the Home audience too.

A perfect movie for this weekend that will soothe your mind against all the workloads and pressures.

Verdict: ‘Well Done’ Benegal.

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