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Review by : Abhijeet Vaishnav
Starring: : Aanaahad, Shraddha Das, Farooq Sheikh, Nafisa Ali.
Direction: Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
Music: Hitesh Soni, M M Kreem, Wayne Sharp.
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
A much-awaited movie of this month ‘Lahore’ which won the International Award for best feature film at the 42nd World Festival and also selected as the top movie in the Asian film festival pushes itself against the wall to get the desired acceptance from the audience. The fate or rather the treatment of such movie is on the contradictory side when it comes to Indian box office. Lahore is a movie with zero star value that heavily relies on its technical excellence and its new star cast to unveil its content.

Lahore is a film, which uses the platform of the authentic sports - kickboxing to unfold a new story to the audience. Lahore is not only a story about the relation between India and Pakistan but it also focuses on the relation between two brothers Dheerendra Singh (Sushant Singh) and Veerendra (Aannahad) and also the sportsmanship that crosses the border to unite the two nations.

Dheerendra gets selected for the national kick boxing championship in Kuala Lumpur to compete against Noor Mohammad (Mukesh Rishi). During the battle a foul play by Noor Mohammad leads to the death of Dheerendra that is termed as an accidental death by the Sports Authority. Unable to bear his brother’s death Veranda Singh, a cricketer, switches to Kickboxing to take revenge against Noor. To his fate he meets Noor in the final match at Lahore. Watch out for some nerve breaking action sequences that you have never seen before in Indian movies.

Lahore doesn’t stand up to its expectations with its slow screenplay that will test your patience during the course of the film. The tone of the movie is very slow which would drive the audiences’ attention away from the movie. The plot is very well set till the Intermission but the movie continues to move at the same pace except the climax, which would take you to the edge of the seat with its action packed scenes and a small surprise at the end that will attain the due respect from the audience. The character involvement in the movies adds up to the confusion. The Pakistani actress flies down to Indian and Pakistan so often with actually no reason and keep the audience wondering. There are constant disconnect between the scenes which adds to further discomfort to the viewer. The dialogues are very heavy and sit as a burden on your head after sometime.

Sushant Singh does a good job as a Kick boxer and looks good with its strong physique. Aannahad uses this platform effectively to launch himself but stony expression makes him boring. Farouque Sheikh, who plays the role of Indian coach, is amazing and the Hyderabadi accent garnishes his entire character. Sabyasachi Chakravarthy, the Pakistani coach, is apt with his hard expressions and dialogues. Shradda Das looks pretty as a Pakistani girl but fails to impress onscreen, Shraddha Nigam is exceptional and Mukesh Rishi is excellent with his action packed scenes during the fight and deserves the most after Faaroq Sheikh. Nafisa Ali and the Late Nirmal Pandey are underplayed in the movie. Kelly Dor Gee is unintentionally funny with his dialogues, which are actually meant to be serious and is surprisingly convincing during the fights.

Crisp editing adds up to the plus factor and Neelabh Kaul’s cinematography, especially the aerial shots showing the span of the city and few brave shots during the fights are commendable. Tony Ching Siu Tung does a brilliant job as an action director during the fight sequences and is one of the reasons the film would work that keeps the audience enthralled.

Director Sanjay Puran Singh does a good job as a debutante tapping the unique concept of sports and politics to convey the message.

Music by MM Kreem and Wayne Sharp is very soothing and gives the Hollywood setup in the film.

The fate of the movie looks predictable and would be decided this weekend to whether it will be able to create the same magic that it had done internationally.

Verdict: A perfect blend of sport and humanity

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