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Starring: : Sanjay, Ekta, Lizna, Pooja.
Direction: Magilzh Thirumeni
Music: Sai Thaman
Production: Seventh Channel Communications
With Mundhinam Partheney - a title inspired by the first line of the celebrated song from Vaaranam Aayiram, director Magilzh Thirumeni presents his maiden directorial venture produced by 7th Channel Communications. Following his mentor Gautham Menon’s footsteps, he has chosen an urban milieu to narrate his story and has succeeded in recording it to a large extent. MDP is about the journey of a young man in pursuit of his soul mate and his emotions, mistakes and the numerous sensations associated with it.

Sanjay (Sanjay) is a middle class city dweller living in an apartment complex and working as a software professional with many friends which includes both men and women. Like any man of his age, he wants to find Ms Right. Sanjay has a set of ideas for his life partner and tries to find them in the girls that he comes across. When he thinks he is in love with Pooja, his neighbor, she
  Mundhinam Partheney
jilts him for an NRI. When he is nursing his wounds, he comes across Aarthi (Ektha) but he is dissuaded by the malicious rumors about her and at the same time, gets attracted towards her. He joins her dance school and tries to get close to her despite realizing her characteristic traits don’t match his personal guidelines for a wife. Meanwhile, there is a new product manager Anu (Lizna) in his office who walks into his life. Who Sanjay chooses to walk with him in the journey of life and what makes him take this important decision forms the rest of MDP.

While many of the Kollywood directors look to rural setting to record realism, here is Magilzh who has done that taking Chennai as his premise. He has chronicled urban realism perfectly. The life of employed youth in the city is portrayed with honesty. It is obvious that Magilzh has treaded on a tested path but all the same has tried to bring in a few pizzaz here and there.

New comer Sanjay is natural, has understood his character and has essayed it well. He is every bit the boy you see next door. Sai Prashanth as Dinesh, friend of Sanjay is the perfect foil and overtakes everyone in his performance. His expressions and body language are impressive. Out of the three ladies, Ektha has more footage and delivers well. Sanjay and Ektha are good find indeed! Lizna is very cute and appealing. Pooja’s role is very minimal. It is refreshing to watch friends of the hero in the same age group.

A touch of levity runs through most of the film which is enjoyable. The scene where Sanjay and Dinesh are left with no partner in a salsa dance, Dinesh trying to meet his internet girlfriend with a weird name Piston and the resultant event, Dinesh’s sister finding unused, expired condoms in his room emphasizing that he is one big bragger, Dinesh wishing his office mate at her wedding are a few examples. There are many such cute sequences. Light hearted humor seamlessly flows in the narration.

An excellent support to MDP is its music. Thaman once again proves his mettle especially in Indre Indre and Manadin Adiyil number. Shades of Sillunu oru Kaadal are evident in Mundhinam Partheney number. Re-recording suits the tempo of the film. Cinematographer Vincent brings alive London, Italy and Venice in the song sequences. Lush locales are a good visual delight.

However, the first half of the film unfolds slowly and it takes a while to warm up. The momentum picks up after the interval. A consistent and an engaging cohesive screen play would have made a positive difference to this light hearted venture. Sometimes, love seems to be more of an obsessive feeling for the hero in the film rather than a natural event. Nevertheless Magilzh Thirumeni should be lauded for eschewing mindless violence, gory bloodshed and other formulaic clichés in his debut venture.

Verdict: A Pleasant, feel good outing!

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