Dancing is an art. The gifted few, who have mastered this art, make the rest go green with envy. If music is an inevitable part of our movies, so are dance routines. Be it solo dancing, dancing with the heroine or group dancing, Tamil cinema has taken an unimaginably huge stride in this area from the days of Chandralekha. If the drum dance was the trendsetter, dance and dancers have become bigger, better and most importantly innovative. Though there was a period in between where the focus shifted away to other priorities, it came to life again in the nineties with the introduction of peppy music and creative dance masters. We will have a look at these fabulous stars whose jhatkas and matkas give us a jaw dropping experience.
Being a veteran in Tamil cinema, Kamal Hassan is still an avid dancer. It is needless to say about Kamal's dexterity when it comes to skills other than acting. Dancing comes to him naturally. If Maanavan was the first movie to showcase his dance performance, his later movies just embossed his name in the history of Tamil cinema as the most versatile dancer. Be it Kathak, Bharathanatyam or Odissi that we saw in 'Salangai Oli' or western hip-hop styles that he danced in countless movies, the perfectionist in Kamal ensured he grew beyond comparison. Kamal is someone who is above the two categories that we saw before. He is plain natural when it comes to this art. Though he was trained in classical dancing in his early years as a budding actor, it is his simple desire to be different that has made him grow ... beyond comparisons. Hats off!
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