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Tamil Movie Review : Sivapathigaram
Sivapathigaram - Vishal Strikes Again!

Cast : Vishal, Mamta Mohandas, Manivannan, Rajan, Kanja Karuppu

Music: Vidyasagar

Direction: Karu Palaniappan

Production: M.R.Mohan Radha, B.S.Radhakrishnan

Election opinion polls form the platform for Karu.Palaniappan's Sivapathigaram. The plot borrows heavily from Loyola College's practice of conducting election opinion polls and Raghuvaran, who plays a professor reminds us of Loyola's own Rev.Rajanayagam S.J.

Raghuvaran, as an aged professor, is a revelation and Karu.Palaniappan deserves a pat in the back for excellent casting. He plays the role of an upright collector who pays the price for his honesty with 23 transfers in 16 years of service. Retiring from his post, Raghuvaran joins as a professor in Lexicon college, where a violent incident forces him to quit. He then moves to rural areas to conduct a research on Folk music, with his favourite student Vishal. Meanwhile, the cops are on Vishal's trail and the reason why is disclosed in a high voltage flashback.

The movie opens like a documentary film, with the focus on folk music, but Vidyasagar's soothing composition ties us to our seats.

Karu.Palaniappan's screenplay is patchy,but he builds suspense with the murders that Vishal commits as soon as he meets Raghuvaran in the village.The final murder in the series of crimes is edge of the seat stuff. The director, Editor and Cinematographer, also need to be commended for their realistic picturisation of the college riots.The climax scenes invlolving the famed Madurai Kallazhagar festival deserves a mention for its camera work. The camera relentlessly follows Vishal in the huge crowd and gives the viewers an awesome bird's eye view. The 'Mulaippari' festival is also picturised with great finesse. Technically, Sivapathigaram is certainly a step forward.The director has also been very careful in getting a clean U certificate, for which he has gone to the extent of filming the excessive blood in black & white.

Vishal plays the angry young man to perfection.His opening song is however marred by an awkward item dance by Sona, whose entire body reverberates with each dance movement.
Mamta Mohandas does not have much to do, but looks voluptuous in song sequences. She has the looks to give Asin & co, a run for their money.

Karu.Palaniappan, who impressed one and all with his critically acclaimed Parthiban Kanavu, has gone into masala mode with the current collection king Vishal. The plot however carries a message against the corrupt political system and questions the logic behind electing politicians with zero qualifications, when other professionals like doctors, engineers and teachers are gauged mainly on the extent of their academic achievements.
With strong performances from Vishal and Raghuvaran, a Ramana like storyline and decent screenplay, Sivapathigaram may well go on to add another hit to Vishal's already impressive career.

Bottom Line: Paisa Vasool
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