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Tamil Movie Review : Rendu
A glamour feast with Comedy
Rendu movie

Cast : Madhavan, Reema Sen, Anushka, Manivannan, Bhagyaraj, Vadivelu, Hari Raj

Language : Tamil

Direction: Sundar C

Production: Khushboo

Sundar.C, who usually does mindless comedies has come up with an urbane thriller in Rendu, with loads of comedy and oodles of oomph from his lead ladies.

The Sundar.C – Vadivelu combination has always come up with laugh riots and Rendu is no different, with Vadivelu running amok in the first half and ‘Lollu Sabha’ Santhanam dominating the second. Santhanam’s humor, however is raunchy and strictly for adult audiences. The sequence where he combines a cook book and a sex magazine is one example which would make family audiences squirm in their seats. The director, whose usual target audiences are ladies and family folks has switched tracks with Rendu, which is mainly targeted at the youth segment.

Rendu movie
Rendu movie

Madhavan does well as an action hero. He dances well, is terrific in his comedy sequences with Vadivelu and pulls off his stunts with ease and realism. However Stunt Master Thalapathy Dinesh lets him down with poor choreography. You actually get to see the balancing ropes in several stunt sequences when Maddy performs his jumps and dives. At a time when we expect Kollywood technicians to take us to another level in special effects, Thalapathy Dinesh’s carelessness is appalling.

Reema Sen and Anushka provide a glamour fest. Especially songs involving Anushka ooze with glamour. Sundar.C who showed potential in the ‘’Endhan Uyir Thozhi’’ number in Winner, seems to have mastered this branch of film making. Reema Sen looks a lot better than what she did in Vallavan and her on screen chemistry with Madhavan is good. Bhagyaraj is apt for the detective role and the veteran actor gives a neat characteristic performance.

Sundar.C’s screenplay is riveting and keeps us guessing with unexpected twists. Worth a mention is his handling of Maddy’s dual roles which is kept under wraps and hits us in our faces when disclosed.
Music Director Imman’s re-recording is good, especially in action sequences. The ‘’Yaaro Evalo’’ number is the pick of the songs and would make it to the top of the music charts. Art director Jana has come up with beautiful backdrops for the songs and Cinematographer M.Prasad does a good job of capturing Reema Sen and Anushka.

Overall Rendu is pure time pass and worth a watch. At the box office, the success of the movie depends entirely on the teen audiences, as the double entendres and overdose of glamour would keep the family crowds at bay.
Rendu movie
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