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Tamil Movie Review : Sillunnu Oru Kaadal
Surya and Jo in a Kamal movie
Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu

Cast: Surya, Jyothika, Bhumika, Vadivelu, Santhanam.

Music Director: A.R.Rahman

Director: Krishna

Production: Studio Green
The most anticipated movie in the recent times and it has truly lived up to its hype. Sillunnu Oru Kaadal comes as a fresh breath of air at a time when Tamil films are inundated with violence and gory escapades of gangsters. Surya and Jyothika have lived a marital life perfectly. Surya is very natural as a college going lad. His response to the college damsel’s admiration for him fills the air around him with the aroma of vanity Director has recorded the college life of youth in motorbikes perfectly.Surya is sure to sustain his position in the hearts of young girls with his performance especially in the scene when he realizes that a girl is being swept off her feet by him. Kudos to you Surya!!
A loving husband and a doting father

He is totally a transformed person when he dons the role of a loving husband and a doting father later. The director has clearly captured the moods of an upper middle class family. The Saturday night scene is poetry by itself. A visibly drunken Surya with half filled glass at his balcony, yelling ‘I love you’ to Jyothika on the top of his voice when a neighbour reciprocates his thoughts with a nod is simply delightful and so very natural. Jyothika responding to his cries with a nonchalant expression is splendid. The mood could not be captured better than this.
Surya and two marriages
Surya marries his college love Bhumika. Heading to the death wish of his uncle, he again marries Jyothika and exits Bhumika’s life. When the going is smooth, there comes Bhumika again out to create a ripple in his tranquil marriage.
Kamal & Jyothika
A reminder to Kamal's 'Oru Oodhappoo Kan Simittugirathu'

But a diary written by Surya in his college days plays the spoilt sport and the turning point in an otherwise happy contented life. Jyothika is totally shattered when the diary exposes the wedding of Surya with Bhumika during his college days. The diary also discloses the wish of Bhumika to live with Surya just for a day. That is when she goes on a trail to find her and brings her home. Well...it totally reminds you of Oru Oodhappoo Kan Simittugirathu, the Kamal, Sujatha starrer directed by SP Muthuraman which came decades ago.
Kamal & Kamalini

It is a little wonder how Surya and the director missed the resemblance of this important sequence between the two movies. The scene where Surya finds Bhumika in his house is an indication of how Surya has mellowed into a fine actor. The mixed emotions that traverse his face from the joy of finding Bhumika to that of a faithful husband are remarkable. Undoubtedly Kollywood can boast of rendering a good actor to the industry.

Bhumika Vs Jyothika
Bhumika has proved that she can be a good match to Jyothika in her performance. The euphoria that is exhibited by her when she finds Surya and the numerous wishes ranging from wanting to go to beach, pubs, parks and trying to fill the void of a six year gap in just a day is astounding. The instantaneous response of Bhumika, when Jyothika introduces herself as Surya’s wife is very appealing. Bhumika matches Jyothika’s wits by saying that she is already his wife before Jyothika came in his life. Hiding under a bedcover, when Bhumika talks to Surya at nights makes one crave to be her lover.

Kamal & Goutham

Rahman’s musical fai

A R Rahman scores the music. Songs are already a chartbuster. Back ground scores complement the emotions and moods of the sequences. True to his reputation, Rahman has woven a musical fairy tale. Majaa Majaa, Anbe Vaa and Newyork Nagaram are some of the captivating numbers. Comedy has been taken care by Vadivelu in the first half and Santhanam in the second half. Special mention should be made of cameraman R.D.Rajashekar who has portrayed the right kind of mood in romantic and gloomy scenes.

Non-breakable hands?
Late Vikram Dharma handled some of the stunt scenes. In the fight sequence, Surya appears to break the hands of the same person again and again. Perhaps editor had taken a tea break during this scene. That aside, Antony has done a good job in editing.

Final word
A beautiful story with linear narration. Special salute to the director who has satisfied the viewer in all respects. Stands out to be at the top of the heap.

Kamal & Jyothika
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