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Music Review : Chanakaya
Music review - Chanakaya

   The combination of Sarath Kumar, Namitha, director Venkatesh and music director Srikanth Deva works together once again after the film Aei.

The album has five songs in all which are very fast and peppy.

The songs resemble those in Aei. Not much can be said about the lyrics. The highlight of the album is a song sung by Sarath Kumar himself.


1) Allaudin: (Srikanth Deva, Vadivelu, J.K.V.Roshini)
A gana song! Srikanth Deva’s usual rhythm can be heard in this song. The song also reminds us of Deva in many places. Vadivelu has sung the song beautifully. Srikanth Deva and Roshini have done the job well. The song however does not impress much.
Rating: 6/10

2) Tharuvaiya Tharamattiya: (Sarath Kumar, Josh)
A typical Dapanguthu song! This song has brought Sarath Kumar’s singing ability to the fore. He has already sung a song in the movie Aei. Sarath’s full energy has added weight to the song. Josh has kept pace in this racy number. It is a fun song.
Rating: 7/10

3) Voochi Voochi: (Shanker Mahadevan)
A fast-paced song! It is the first song of the film. It is written in praise of the hero and the orchestration is extensive. For this vibrant number, Shankar Mahadevan, an energetic singer, has lent his voice. He can take the full credit for this song.
Rating: 7/10

4) Romba Alzkagu: (Karthik, Sadhana Sargam)
A melodious song in the whole album. It soothes our nerves although it resembles a Hindi song. Sadhana Sargam’s mellifluous voice stands out throughout the song. Karthik has done the job perfectly and his voice is impressive.
Rating: 7.5/10

5) One Vangina: (Tippu, Anoorada Sriram)
A thunderous song meant for the front-benchers! It is already a hit with the partying crowd. Anoorada Sriram has it easy and Tippu complements her perfectly.
Rating: 7/10

Overall Rating:
Passable with nothing extraordinary. Srikanth Deva has stuck to his father’s style.
Rating: 7/10

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