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Music Review : Mazhai

   Devi Sri Prasad has scored the music for the movie Mazhai. The movie has got Jayam Ravi and the elegant Shriya in the peak roles. The movie is being produced by S.P.Balasubramaniyam and his son S.P.B.Charan,and directed by the debutant director Rajkumar. The film was time-honored with two film fare awards from the musical point of view in Telugu.
   The movie is the remake version of Varsham, a Telugu movie. Already, Jayam Ravi has topped the charts merely because of the remake movies. The songs in this movie have come out very well. The energetic voices of the singers in this particular album are simply superb.


1) Nee Varuumbodhu: (Chitra, Raqueeb- Alam, Kalpana)
A glossy song! The start of the song with the beats (pads) is fantastic. The song is written in total praise of rain. The voice of Raqueeb has gained tremendous energy and he has sung the song in a vivacious manner. He has an immense potential ahead of him. The voice of the national award winner Chitra is so sweet and she is the right choice for the song. Kalpana too fits perfectly to the rhythm.
Rating: 8.5/10

2) Thappe Ille: (S.P.B, Harini)
A gana song! An emblematic song from the minds and hearts of Devi Sri Prasad. For such musician the songs of this approach are like an unruffled wind S.P.B has sung the song with utmost ease. The bass voice of S.P.B has added to the glamour of the song. Harini, with her charming voice has shined throughout the song and the lyrics are also beguiling.
Rating: 7.5/10

3) Istanbul: (Jassie Gift, Kalpana)
A type of Egyptian song! As already mentioned the song has been composed in the form of Egyptian style. But still the song is lacking something from the music side. Jassie Gift (singer of Lakshiyavathe song) with his unusual voice has done the job well. Kalpana’s voice seems to come from the bottom base of stomach and it sounds interesting. The wordings of the song might remember you early 70’s.
Rating: 7/10

4) Mannile: (S.P.B.Charan, Sumangali)
A romantic number ! Charan with a striking accent is not singing too many songs these days. Anyway, he has sung a song in his own production. The song flows consistently without too much of ups and downs. The song is a souvenir for melody lovers. Sumangali has done her job to the maximum extent possible.
Rating: 7.5/10

5) Muthu Mazhaiye: (Sagar, Sumangali)
A soft song! A slow song having almost the same lyrics of the Nee Varumbodhu song. The slow orchestration for the song is quite appealing. There is nothing to say special about the singers, but still the song sounds well. Rating: 9/10

6) Kuchikaruvadu: (Tippu, Srilekha Parthasarathy)
A frisky song! Some years back Uppu Karuvadu made an influence in the hearts of the people, now it is Kuchikaruvadu. The composition might bring back the memories of Devi Sri Prasad’s composition in Sachien. Tippu has come out with the bets out of his vocal cords. Srilekha’s voice excels throughout the song. The lyrics are also catchy.
Rating: 8/10

Overall Rating:
The whole piece mentions it as a musical shower; it seems that they have come out with the exact statement for the album. The songs may win acclaim in Tamil version also. Overall. a good attempt from Devi Sri Prasad!

Overall Rating : 8/10 © 2004 ; For advertising contact