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Music Review : Ghajini

   Harris Jeyaraj, the eminent music director is creating happiness in his journey. His entire current releases Anniyan, Ullam ketkumae and the recent Totti Jaya have truly immersed the people tremendously. Strictly speaking, Harris has extended his accomplishment voyage lane with his latest release Ghajini.
   The film has Surya, Asin and Nayantara in the pilot roles. Already, the Surya- Harris combo has given a magnificent hit ‘Kakka Kakka.’ The album has got five numbers with various singers and again the duo will surely be on the top.


1) Oru Malai: (Karhik)
The album starts of perfectly well with the song describing the beauty of the heroine. The song has westernized music and picks up momentum very slowly and then reaches the maximum. Karthik has sung the song with ease and his voice is matchless for this particular song. The lyrics are penned beautifully, and the beats of the song are very catchy, adding grandeur to the song.

2) X-Machi: (Nahul,Mathangi)
A typical song! It has the flavour of pop music. Mathangi is coming up very well and her option of choosing songs is something different but still it is extremely fascinating. The recording of this song is exceptionally good and has an effective percussion. Nagul, whose voice we have already heard in Kadhal yanai song from Anniyan has done his job flawlessly. The initial lyrics of the song is ear catching, reciting the modern trend of Chennai, and it is the FM. The whole credit for this song goes to Mathangi's voice.

3) Suttrum: (Sriram Parthasarathy, Bombay Jayashree)
The start of a Bharathiyar song! Already, his guru A.R.Rehman has scored the music for the start of this song in Kandukondein....It is a good attempt from Harris to mix up a classical song with western beats. This duet would be the talk of the town in the forthcoming days. The singers have done an excellent job,and in particular Sriram's voice is fantastic. Bombay Jayashree also stands fit with the song.

4) Rahatulla: (Anupama)
A heroine's song! The song flows uniformly without too much of ups and downs in the beats. No other singer could be thought for the song other than Anupama. What an energetic voice Anupama has! The song will make eveyone to dance as the orchestration is also good. The chorus voice has got something to do with this song and the song is assured for a hit.

5) Rangola: (Shankar Mahadevan, Sujatha)
A fast paced song! Recently, you must have heard Shankar in a similar type of song in Totti Jaya (Acchu vellam). But still the song sounds good and the slang used in the song is quite different. Whether it is lyricist's work or the singer's voice-- The song has more resemblance of Harris latest versions like Achu vellam and Andankaka. © 2004 ; For advertising contact