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Interview : Actress Asin

Here is an exclusive interview with Asin.

The beauty queen from Kerala, Asin is the busiest heroine in Tamil film industry. She shares her experience about her future projects in this interview.


Q: What are your present projects?

Ans: At present I’m doing four movies in Tamil. Ajith’s Godfather directed by K.S. Ravi Kumar, Vijay’s Sivakasi directed by Perarasu, Surya’s Gajini directed by A.R. Murugadas and Vikram’s Maja directed by Shafi are the four movies. A movie with Silambarasan titled AC had to be signed yet.

In Telugu, I’ve commited two movies after the hit of remake of Kakka Kakka. One movie is with Chiranjeevi and the other with Mahesh Babu which is the remake of Ghajini in Telugu. In the Hindi version of Ghajini, I’m pairing with Abhishek Bachan which is yet to be finalized.

Q: How did you learn other languages with ease?

Ans: If you have interest in learning and the commitment to work for it, then everything is easy.

Q: What was the reason for your growing popularity in a short period of time?

Ans: My first preference is the story and then my character. Next importance goes to directors and finally to the hero of the movie. As I was able to take decisions clearly, I achieved such popularity within a short period.

Q: What about pairing with senior actors like Rajini and Kamal?

Ans: Everyone likes to improve in their life. I also have the same desire as others to act in the movies of superstars like Rajini and Kamal.

Q: What type of letters do you receive from your fans?

Ans: Some address me as Malabar. Most of the letters I receive are love letters. I received a notebook comprising of two hundred pages in which a fan had described my beauty. I also receive emails from overseas.

Q: Your voice is sweet. Do you have any desire to sing?

Ans: I dub the voice for my movies, myself. As I have to allocate time for dubbing, I’m not able to concentrate on singing. Music director Harris Jeyaraj asked me to attend a voice testing session so that he can make me sing a song in one of his movies. But I was not able to attend it due to my busy schedule. I will certainly sing a song in the near future.

Q: What are the other skills you learned related to movies?

Ans: I learned Bharathanatyam, Kathakali and Kuchipudi and I have mastered all these skills.

Q: Can you tell about the heroes with whom you are acting?

Ans: Every hero who acts with me has special talents. They are all good in acting, stunts and dancing. As Vijay is good in dancing, I take special care while I dance with him.

Q: According to you, had Asin reached to the heights of Simran and Jothika?

Ans: I cannot be compared with them. I’m an upcoming artist. I’m only concerned about people praising me as a talented heroine. © 2004 ; For advertising contact