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Music Review : Kanda Naal Mudhal
Music review - kanda  naal mudhal

   This season seems to the sovereignity of Yuvan Shanker Raja and Harris Jeyaraj. Both of them are flooded with their latest releases. For Yuvan, this year seems to be a good year with his songs topping the charts. Yuvan has again given his maximum through this movie.

   The movie has got Prassana, Karthik and Laila in the lead roles. The movie is being directed by Priya, associate director of Mani Ratnam and produced by Prakash Raj under the banner Duet movies. P.C.Sriram handles the camera for this movie. The album consists of six songs with wonderful singers adding life to the music


1) Pushing It Hard: (Yuvan Shanker Raja, Clinton, Premji)
A westernized song! A rap number sung by Yuvan along with Clinton and Premji. The voices of the singers are excellently fitting for this particular song. Perhaps, this might be the theme song of the album. It will surely tune the ears of the youngsters.
Rating: 8/10

2) Erimale Nane: (Shanker Mhadevan, Vasundhara Das)
A lively song! On seeing the names of the singers itself, you can guess how the song would be! The singers have fulfilled the taste of the audience. The song slightly tunes in the same way of Varugiyare song of Ah…Aah. But still the song is something unusual from Yuvan’s composition.
Rating: 7.5/10

3) Kanda Naal Mudhalai: ( Subhiksha, Pooja)
A classical song! The song is very pleasing to hear and it starts of with carnatic base and then tunes into little bit of westernization. The effectual orchestration has lit the light throughout the song. The singers Subhiksha and Pooja, the names which are unheard have an exceptional voice and they are the highlight singers of the album.
Rating: 8.5/10

4) Koo Koovena: (Karthik, Harish Ragavendra, Mahalakshmi Iyer)
A sleek song! The lyrics of the song are penned differently and they would remain in the hearts, disturbing your concentration. The nuances are enhanced by the brisk voices of Karthik, Harish Ragavendra in company with Mahalaksmi Iyer. The tune is nothing special, like a new wine in an old bottle.
Rating: 8/10

5) Merke Merke: (Shanker Mahadevan, Sadhanas Sargam)
A fresh song! This can be said as the best song of the album. Shanker with his full oomph has given the best for the song. The song is very smooth with less beats and it is a first-class song for melody lovers. Sadhanas Sargam with her sweet voice has added to the charm of this song, Yuvan has come out with good composition.
Rating: 9/10

6) Pani Tuli: (Kay Kay, Shreya Ghosal)
A soft song! The start given to the song with fast lyrics is very catchy. The combination
Kay Kay and Shreya are really coming up very well, especially for this kind of songs. The song picks its pace slowly with KK doing the rest of the job with very ease. Yuvan’s right tune of music has added to the beauty of the song.
Rating: 8/10

Overall Rating:
Yuvan’ music has got to do something in this movie and it could be a big reason for the success of the movie. From, his side he has done an excellent job and the rest is left to the audience!
Rating for the album: 8.2/10

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