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Music Review : Oru naal oru kanavu

The triumphant pair of Fazil and Maestro Ilayaraja have teamed up again. Already, they both have given quite a lot of hits like Poovilzhe Vasalailay, Killipetci Kektkava, Kadhaluku Mariyadhai and Kannukal Nilavu. The album consists of six songs and most of them are classical Ilayaraja’s songs.

Amidst the busy schedule of his own Thiruvasagam, the maestro has composed the music. This shows his attitude towards the film industry. Fazil has extracted the maximum from the musical expert. The songs could be a attraction for melody lovers.


1) Elamaikku: (Sonu Nigam)
Sonu Nigam, the popular singer in Bollywood has sung this slightly westernized song. The composition of Ilayaraja in this song remembers you the early songs of him like ‘Raja…Rajathi Raja’ in Agni Nackshtram. But still the song is good and it will attract the people who like fast numbers.

2) Kaatril Varum Geetham: (Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal, Bhavatharini, Ilayaraja, Sadhana Sargam)
From the long list itself you can understand how the song would be! But don’t imagine this to be a peppy song. It is full of delicate rhythm with the power of the singers. The music has added beauty to the song. The lyrics are written well for the song. A conventional and a soft song from the heart of Ilayaraja.

3) Enna Pattu Vendum: (Sonu Nigam)
Sonu’s second song out of the three songs he sung in this film. This shows the faith that the Maestro has got on him. The song is slightly different and it also bears some resemblance to some old song. The song is little bit peppy and it is fast throughout. Sonu’s voice has been used differently but it sounds good.

4) Khajiraho: (Hariharan, Shreya Ghosal)
A beautiful melody song! The duo had put all their efforts to get the song in a right manner. Hariharan, no need to say anything about him. He has sung many such songs in this manner and it is just a cakewalk for him. Shreya is doing a good job in the recent past and she has proved her caliber. A typical Ilayaraja’s orchestration!

5) Konjam Thira: (Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghosal)
Another melody! Sonu has taken up a melody song this time and he is the cent percent match for this song. The music is also not so heavy, a soft melody. The song will have a soothing effect on you.

6) Ponkita Mapilae: (Tippu, Manjusri)
A gana type! Today’s fashion is to have atleast one gana in the album. A little displease that Ilayaraja is also adopting that style. But, the song has been sung well by Tippu in accordance with the music. Manjusri has done her job fairly and not to the maximum extent possible.

7) Kaatril Varum Geetham: (Bhavatharani, Shreya Ghosal)
The same song already mentioned above! But this has got only the female leads. Bhavatharani exactly fits to the song and Shreya’s voice is also good. © 2004 ; For advertising contact