Release Date : Jun 11,2015
Jurassic World (aka) Jurasic World review

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Production: Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley
Cast: Bryce Dallas Howard, Chris Pratt
Direction: Colin Trevorrow
Screenplay: Colin Trevorrow
Story: Colin Trevorrow, Derek Connolly
Music: Michael Giacchino
Background score: Michael Giacchino
Jurassic World comes exactly 22 years after the original, which hit the screens on the 11th June 1993, and is still regarded as one of the most artistically inventive concepts that mankind has ever touched upon in the field of entertainment. It is so nice to see one of the most cherished movie franchises being revoked.
Leaving out the popular trio - Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, the leads from the original film, must be a little disheartening for core Jurassic Park fans; in fact the only known cast member from the previous films to feature in this 4th installment happens to be BD Wong - the scientist (Dr. Henry Wu). However the director does have a surprise character as a twist in the tale which leaves the fans in a state of sweet shock towards the climax.
Jurassic World keeps you engaged from the very go just like the earlier installments (or at least like the first two) but only with better CGI works. Jurassic World cannot be termed as the 4th installment as the makers have made the plot as a direct sequel to the original film, leaving the 2nd and 3rd installments aside.
Unlike the previous installments we finally have a fully functional dinosaur theme park for the general public to enjoy, but how a fun trip turns into a misery because of an over-smart dinosaur forms the crux of the film.
Though the film has its share of seen before sequences and scenes that resemble the previous installments, the film does have its own charm that keeps the audience hooked.
Michael Giacchino’s work as the music composer was pretty functional; he replaces John Williams who had composed for all the previous versions of the series. Like the CG works, the camera tricks worked big time too, most of which were shot using 35mm camera while the makers have gone with the 65mm for some big exterior shots.
Coming to the lead characters in the film, Chris Pratt was amazing; you can go to a war if he’s around, that’s the feeling he gives you. Bryce Dallas Howard did a neat job too but one might feel that the family drama that takes place in between the intense adventure ride, doesn’t gel well with the core story. It must be noted that Harrison Ford was initially offered to do the lead in this sequel. One might wonder how great that would have turned out to be?
Now the best part - the dinosaurs … It’s exhilarating to see them back on the giant screen. Jurassic World is the first film to feature a non-animatronic dinosaur as all of them were created using CGI.

On the whole you’ll most likely end up liking the film if you had not watched the first part and in case you are a mad fan of the original, you might probably be satisfied but just partially.
Verdict: Jurassic World - Rides on the amusement quotient!!!
( 3.0 / 5.0 )