Release Date : Mar 27,2015
Run All Night (aka) Runn All Night review

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Production: Energy Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment
Cast: Common Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman, Liam Neeson
Direction: Jaume Collet-Serra
Screenplay: Brad Ingelsby
Story: Brad Ingelsby
Music: Junkie XL
Background score: Junkie XL
Cinematography: Martin Ruhe
Dialogues: Brad Ingelsby
Editing: Craig McKay
Distribution: Warner Bros. Pictures

When the sons of two close friends happen to be on the opposite ends, what and which testifies friendship? ‘Run All Night’ is that genuine action-thriller we had during the late 90's. Lots of running and brutal killing. Good thing about the Hollywood heroes are, they start playing their age when the wrinkles are irreversible. Liam Neeson is one such star, loved for his deep voice, massive stature and the relentless face. Post the Taken series, Liam has transformed into a full-fledged action-star and this film has gladly tweaked his regular on-screen image from his previous films. 


With Ed Haris playing a counterpart, Run All Night is about survival and trust. What if your father was a contract-killer and you hated him, but he's all that you've got to survive? On a non-linear pattern, the story starts from the end and the director uses the menacing voice of Liam (Conlon) to narrate the story. The film has got some good POV shots, sound design and brilliantly choreographed stunt sequences. Restricting all the fighting portions to the eye-level makes it real and intimidating.


As much as the fighting, ‘Run All Night’ has its equal share of emotions to be related to. With lot other films made on the similar lines, this film is soulful and tenacious. The extreme blow-up technique used in the visuals, tell us the happening of the story in such a big city and it’s definitely new and exciting to go by a movie in such a format.  What actually happens in a crime scene, how a cop arrests somebody, how painful it is to see somebody die is all you see in RAN. Considering what the title suggests, there is a lot of running and people do often get hurt. Even a killer has a family and when friends lock horns, it gets awry.


From the authenticity maintained in the costumes, the guns and the set-design, RAN does give us an experience of watching late-night news channels. The film is gripping and predictable. With the story being fairly simple and a smooth screenplay to detail, RAN is running short of predicaments and suspense. More double-crossings and revenge would have made a stronger impact. 

Verdict: Liam runs, but not fast enough !
( 2.5 / 5.0 )



Run All Night (aka) Runn All Night

Run All Night (aka) Runn All Night is a English movie with production by Energy Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, direction by Jaume Collet-Serra, cinematography by Martin Ruhe, editing by Craig McKay. The cast of Run All Night (aka) Runn All Night includes Common Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman, Liam Neeson.