Release Date : Mar 13,2015
Chappie (aka) Chappie review

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Production: Simon Kinberg
Cast: Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Sharlto Copley
Direction: Neill Blomkamp
Screenplay: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
Story: Neill Blomkamp
Music: Hans Zimmer
Background score: Hans Zimmer
How is it to process when a futuristic robot behaves like a humane and addresses the people who saved it as mother and father? Isn't it cute? District 9 fame Neil Blomkamp, a South African- Canadian director known for his hand-held and cinema verite technique with Science-fiction as the forte', always.
When robots are replaced by human forces to represent the Police, what happens when the famished Johannesburg tends to abolish all of them and then one last Robot remains to be called Chappie, representing the technology. 
An Indian origin Deon (Dev Patel) plays the stereotypical Intelligent scientist who has got the extra brains to incorporate the human consciousness into the last of the Robots and give the story Chappie, a humanoid-robot that can think like a human and respond like a human. It is quick at learning things and does fear when intimidated. With a list of science-fiction films being made on a similar line, Chappie, as a film differs by the treatment and the setting of the story. 
A gang of three is forced to pay a huge money to a stronger, more powerful villain who looks animated and is lot more irritating when he tries to act, Chappie is used for a certain cause to pull of a heist and give back the money. Chappie, more like a baby is taught to read and pain by Deon where the Gangster gang teachers him to knuckle punch, shoot and fight. 
From extreme violence to really cute moments, the film Chappie also has lot of intertwined meanings to relate. When the last of humanity's hope is not human, when and what we do to even a robot when there is a want. Taking one of the theories of psychology, 'Give me a lad, I will make him a thief or a scientist', Chappie is also an intellectual mock on society as a whole, capitalism, technology and the filthy humans. 
Hanz Zimmer's EDM in the background score, the constantly changing camera angles, new-found edit patters and the controlled VFX/graphics does make Chappie a technically sound movie. Though the plot being familiar, portions of Chappie learning to love his parents, trying to steal a car are all total treat. When you know, all that you watch in a science-fiction film is a little manipulated and futuristic, you tend to detach from the film's story and stray away. Chappie is one such film with lots high-level stuffs to remember and interpret. But for the unique take and a bunch of emotions dealt, Chappie is definitely that one Robot movie that'll make you think and put a smile on you face than fight for restoring balance and aim for destruction. 
Verdict: Chappie is smart and emotional!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )


Chappie (aka) Chappie

Chappie (aka) Chappie is a English movie with production by Simon Kinberg, direction by Neill Blomkamp. The cast of Chappie (aka) Chappie includes Dev Patel, Hugh Jackman, Sharlto Copley.