Release Date : Sep 21,2014
Equalizer (aka) Equalizer review

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Production: Village Roadshow Pictures Escape Artists
Direction: Antoine Fuqua
Screenplay: Antoine Fuqua
Story: Michael Sloan And Richard Lindheim
Music: Harry Gregson-Williams
Background score: Harry Gregson-Williams
Cinematography: Mauro Fiore
Dialogues: Antoine Fuqua
Editing: John Refoua
Distribution: Columbia Pictures

What is an equalizer? What does an equalizer do? In a soccer match, when the opponent takes an upper hand and that struggled goal scored by you to level the score is the equalizer. Denzel Washington is the one who scores. He sets it right. He saves. He kills. He writes off the villains. He is the super-hero dressed in formals. He comes to your rescue when you need help.


Equalizer is an action-thriller testifying the judgement day. A retired professional killer gets back to what he's best at. You judge him, you fear him and you envy him. Denzel plays Robert, a timid man living a lonely life, working at a store. He likes to have his time at a restaurant reading books that his wife gave before she passed away. What happens when he tries helping a girl? You've seen films like Equalizer, but the legendary Denzel is good enough to make you sit through the film.


Once again, the Russians are the baddies. They are into every illegal activity a locality can carry out. Robert (Denzel) is under the wraps. He has given up the life he once lived and is leading a normal life now. As a performer, age has no bar on Denzel. The story is pretty straightforward. You do bad. I ask why. You hit me. I hit you back. You try killing me. I kill you. Equalizer has a tried and tested formula that still entertains. Screenplay is treated like a wave. Sober moments to hypertensive action sequences. The scene where Robert orchestrates and rehearses on how he's going to kill them all is mind-blowing. The action choreography is full of grace.


Robert is a smart killer. He knows what he's doing. The characterization of Robert is properly etched so that there is space for sequels. There are some questions throughout the film though- Who was Robert? How is he so good with killing? Equalizer is almost an upbeat, mass Thamizh film in English! You howl when the hero takes over the situation. He is so good that it takes only a gunshot to wipe out a mafia-gang, do the job of a police and save lots of people.

Verdict: Denzel's heroics save the formulaic film!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )



Equalizer (aka) Equalizer

Equalizer (aka) Equalizer is a English movie with production by Village Roadshow Pictures Escape Artists, direction by Antoine Fuqua, cinematography by Mauro Fiore, editing by John Refoua. The cast of Equalizer (aka) Equalizer includes .