Release Date : Jul 24,2015
Ant Man (aka) Ant-Man review

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Production: Kevin Feige
Cast: Corey Stoll, Evangeline Lilly, Paul Rudd
Direction: Peyton Reed
Screenplay: Adam McKay, Paul Rudd
Story: Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish
Music: Unknown
Background score: Unknown
Cinematography: Russell Carpenter

‘Honey I shrunk the kids’ brought in the same concept but Ant-man is one of a kind superhero who’s got more problems than just fighting against the odds. Comedian Paul Rudd jumps into this suit that can make him really small and give all the power on earth to control the ants so as to finish missions. Michael Douglas plays the authoritative Hank Pym, the scientist who invented the substance that can change sizes.


Scott Lang (Paul) is a crook by choice and his biggest problem in life is to make a living, get some money to pay the child support and eventually get a chance to meet his daughter Cassie. Before Hank’s protégé Darren Cross unleashes the even more powerful ‘Yellow jacket’ (an advanced ant-man suit) into the world, Hank hires Scott to infiltrate the highly guarded facility to steal and destroy the ‘Yellow Jacket’.    


When Hollywood movies are beyond technical flaws, the 3D experience does give us the third eye and an extra edge to watch this world. With lots of scientific terminologies being explained, ant-man has a very simple yet interesting writing to it. Lots of organic comedy combined with bits and pieces of action drama. Notable performances from the lead cast and especially the quirky team of three sidekicks of Scott brings lot of laughter with Michael Pena in the role of Luis leading the pack. Mind-blowing facts about the ants, instances where the new ant-man gets trained and not forgetting the mega action block towards the end, Ant-man has lots of engaging moments to rejoice while there are also some intense scenes dwelling on the emotions of the characters.


Beyond the plot, the writing is fascinatingly smart, minute details and scenarios get connected in the film here and there bringing in a lot of surprise. Hank’s daughter named Hope waited all her life to wear the ant-man suit, but destiny had something else in store. It is her role that adds the depth to the film when half of it has animated characters and clichéd situations to make it a pop-corn movie. When more could have been done to the characterizations and the good Vs evil fight, it is the lighter moments and the father-daughter love that saves the movie and makes it a leisure watch.


The sudden change from the human-eye perspective to the OTS of the ant-man and in the particular scene where ant-man shrinks into a sub-atomic stage, the visuals are eye-popping. Also connecting the film to the Avengers was another top-class move to separate the installment from other franchises. Christophe’s music does the work during the comical and dramatic portions. Lead cast play their best and the really softening elements like love, care, hope and desire fused into the core story, Ant-man is a definite watch for its entertainment. Director Peyton’s experience with the comedy films does the trick here.

Verdict: This super-hero is small yet powerful!
( 2.75 / 5.0 )