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Review by : Harish
Starring: : Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Shahrukh Khan
Direction: Mudassar Aziz
Music: Lalit Pandit, Pritam Chakraborty
Production: Insight Productions, Morpheus Media Ventures
When people try the best way to make a comeback, Sushmita shows how to make a comeback in style. Even though Sushmita is having a release almost every 6 months, it’s been quite a while seeing Sush in a mainstream cinema. And it’s better to forget the extended Special appearance she did in ‘Do knot disturb’ where she looked like a sumo wrestler. But now with a tonned down physique (not entirely) she looks a million bucks.

The story of Dulha Mil Gaya has been ventured several times and even though we are familiar with the proceedings as well as the outcome, several scenes make you smile. Apart from Sushmita giving a very energetic performance, Fardeen also comes up with a decent performance as the rich playboy who is afraid of commitments. Even though he hams in a few sequences he has done quite a cool job in the second half. Ishita Sharma also impresses as the Punjabi girl who can go to any extent to make things happen for her and her life.

If only the first half is a little faster and the climax is not as unimaginably lame this movie would have definitely made a mark. With no other movie in the theatre which entertains you except for the supremely successful 3 Idiots, and Raat Gayi Baat gayi which has already been taken out of almost all the theatres, this might pull in some audience.
  Dulha Mil Gaya

Mudassar Aziz is extremely talented but taking such an age old story has gone against him. Overall this fairy tale story of a geek turned supermodel to teach a lesson to the mis-guided male protagonist might not go well with the urban audience but might just well click with the rural and semi-rural audience. And with Shahrukh’s special appearance which isn’t all that special in the first place, might just act as the carrot to draw in the audience.

Overall, the movie with an age-old story, out-dated camera work, old-fashioned songs but with a feel-good factor might just make some encouraging numbers in the satellite rights but impressing one-and all would be Mission impossible. The song ‘Akhela dil’ was more of an irony as I was almost alone in the theatres. If only the marketing campaign was a little well laid out, the movie could have fetched a decent opening. If not for Sush, the movie would have been a dead duck for sure.

Verdict: Sush Rocks but the movie doesn’t

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