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Starring: : Yamini, Priya, Anand, Mrunalini, Nanda, Amjad, Sivam, Harris, Madan.
Direction: Rajeshlingam
Music: Gangai Amaran
Production: Boys Studio and Maya Bazaar cinemas
The college campus, a gang of friends, love, heartbreak… And the end of life in college. Each one of us can connect with this and no one can hate it. That is what Pugaippadam is all about, the tried, tested and safe theme of life in the campus. Yes, it does strike a chord.

Pugaippadam takes us into the lives of a group of friends who enjoy each other’s company. When a group has boys and girls, one expects love to happen. Love does happen, but the only problem being that a triangle of sorts is formed. Does the triangle of love threaten the friendship? What happens to the one whose love is never returned? Does he sacrifice his love for the sake of friendship? How does the group of friends react to the issue that this triangle creates? Watch Pugaippadam to find out.

At the outset, it must be said that Pugaippadam does manage to live up to the liveliness and energy that we associate with a campus movie. The first half is colorful and enjoyable with humor mixed at places. The initial portions carry a very positive feel which is a strength of the movie. The latter portions tend to move more towards the pensive and the morose, but still manage to connect to the audience. The climax, in particular, is touching to a certain extent. Pugaippadam has the ability to transport you back to the sweet memory of your college days.

On the flip side, the entire movie appears episodic and fragmented. The flow is definitely missing at many places, which is a sore point. Also, the casting could have been better. Shanmugasundaram’s role as an HOD does not sit well on him, especially in the scenes where his character is used for comic relief. Venkat, appearing as a professor, fits the bill. The young debut stars have done their parts well.

The camera has been handled very well, capturing the scenic beauty of the landscape. Director Rajesh Lingam has proved that he has the right stuff in him to make good movies if he gets the right material. Music by Gangai Amaran is another positive for the movie, especially the song ‘Oru Kudaiyil’.

Overall, Pugaippadam treads the familiar path of friendship, love and college life. Though it lacks flow and depth in narration, it still has enough to keep you smiling and perhaps make you relive those wonderful days in college.

Verdict: Friendship, love, memories: Mixed bag

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