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Starring: : Arun Vijay, Ramana, Shiva Manjal.
Direction: Majeed
Music: Premji Amaran
Production: Sri Ambhrishinee arts
New Year, new hopes, new beginnings, and new movies! We have the first set of releases of this year, not anything big. Thunichal starring Arun Vijay, Ramana and new heroine Shiva Manjal is a tale of the havoc that a sadistic mind plays in the lives of many people. The owner of the sadistic mind has a very unique philosophy – what he cannot get, nobody else should and the object of his desire should self destroy. And, when he fails to get the lady of his dreams, he cooks up a devious plan to destroy everything in her life and drive her to self destruction. The plan involves a couple of murders and then misleading people about who is responsible for the deaths. The misled minds then go about damning each other’s lives. Does the truth ultimately come out or does the crookedly cunning mind get the pleasure of seeing his plans work? That is what Thunichal is all about.

First, this is not the way we wanted 2010 to begin. There are seldom movies where murdering has appeared so easy. And then, the murderer so easily convinces people that someone has actually done it. All this seems to happen in some lawless land where there is no police or anyone to look into a murder. Most characters in the movie seem to believe in an ‘eye for an eye’ method of life and that is why they set off to murder each other without so
much as a second thought. If any part of the movie impresses, it has to be the final few portions which has a couple who feign love for each other with the real intention of killing each other with neither of them having a clue about the other’s ideas.

Arun Vijay seems to be in a lost plot after his Malai Malai high. But, Ramana impresses with his cold villainy. Other performances don’t count for much. Director Majeed, who also has the story and screenplay to his credit, must have thought long and hard about the plot. This one fails to hold the viewers’ attention right from the start. The ‘lovers out to kill each other’ thread could have been better used to give a few interesting scenes which would have enhanced the quality of the film. Technically, there is nothing much that stands out and music by Premji Amaran fails to make any sort of impact.

Thunichal is a pretty low way to start 2010 for Kollywood. It looks a jaded and unrefined product, the type that one won’t be too pleased to watch.

Verdict: Watch it if you have the ‘Thunichal’

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